Summer Break

My Internship gets over this week and I'd be getting back home! After a real long time. So, there's some packing, moving and settling down to be done. In the meanwhile, please do not forget me. :)

I'll get back to blogging as soon as possible! Take care.. And keep your cool this summer.

Curry Flurry

'Petrol bomb hurled' at Indian youth in Australia who is now recovering in a hospital with 30% burns. Another 25-year-old student is fighting for life in a hospital here after being stabbed by a screwdriver by a group of teens in a weekend attack that also left three of his friends injured. Doctors are not very optimistic about his recovery. If this was not enough, Air France faces racial charges again. The officials didn't show any concern for wailing babies or ailing passengers.

And what do we do! We treat Kasab with all the humanity that we have. We keep sending dossiers with proof running into thousands of pages that he is guilty, to our neighbors, who conveniently recycle the paper for use in their toilets. Ooh! We are so sweet. We are the peace loving nation that lives and lets others live. I read an article that listed out why the Aussies hated the Asians. Trust me, I never saw anything as lame, ever! The most retarded one was this. Apparently, we flock around in large groups and block the way. Well, just open your mouth and say, 'Excuse Me'! We'll move. If this is the tolerance level here, then do people get shot for snoring? Education is their third largest 'revenue generating industry'! And this is not the way you treat us.
So, how are we going to retaliate! Continue going places in flocks, take away their jobs, make more money than they do. We follow ahimsa. And since we've obviously got more brains that you, deep down you know you can't do without us! We are a country with the largest population! We'll keep haunting you, wherever you go! Probably we should officially announce that 'Maa Ki' does not mean 'Monkey'. They don't seem to get the pronunciation correct.

P.S. It's a very short post. I know! I wanted to unleash the 'beast' within and retaliate with long essays! But, Writers Block! It's 5 AM, Monday morning. And I'm not getting sleep! I think I'm getting old. I have Insomnia.

Up, Up and UPA

DISCLAIMER - I didn't write this one! I have split personality. Yesterday, while my 'other self' was drafting a new post, a strange creature with the head of a pig, the torso of a jackass and the rear of a baboon showed up. It snatched my laptop and began typing away! It said it was from the Andromeda Galaxy and needed to discuss the Lok Sabha Elections, 2009. Plus, it threatened to spray it's 'venom' on me, otherwise. I thought, Swine flu! No! What choice did I have. Here it goes.

After that mind blowing majority, the UPA is now set for another term, to run the largest democracy in the world. The reigning Queen successfully played all her moves and set the way for her charming, not-as-shrewd-yet, dimpled Prince! He'll learn. We all start somewhere. This is the final mandate given by the Junta. The need for 'Youngistan'. Milind Deora, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia are some of the new faces who can speak English along with their local languages. They are qualified and also haven't been to jail! They have not been tainted by scams and corruption, yet. Though I was unbiased earlier, I seem to have developed a tilt in favor of these people. Hope, it all lasts. The Sensex is on a high already!

As I was glued to the T.V. the entire weekend, I witnessed all the comedies and tragedies. The Drama unfolded with the Media! Barkha Dutt, I noticed, had mellowed down a lot! She actually gave way for others to speak and wasn't loud at all! Sweet! Ever wondered what would happen if she went on Oprah's show?! A  fellow tweeter suggested. "Oprah will make Barkha cry, & then Barkha will make her cry by suing her". Goodness! 

Rajdeep Sardesai, on the other hand, was extremely charged up and it made me wonder "What's the secret of his energy?!' (Boost?! Naah. Red Bull maybe.) NDTV had this cool gadget displaying visual graphics of the votes distribution all over the country. Very fancy! But none could figure out what was going on in Shivaganga, Tamil Nadu. Amma accused Mr. P.C. of fraud while the rest of the country thought, she either hid some of the electronic ballots in the folds of her sari or swallowed them. Anyway, Mr. Chidambaram emerged victorious by a narrow margin. There were celebrations on Sun TV while Jaya TV began the telecast of Tamil songs. No more headlines flashing there.

Nothing could help Behenji either. She instead blamed the 'confused' Muslims for her downfall. Well, seriously, we were all confused. What were you up to?! Thankfully, we would still have computers and can speak in English. The cycle had a flat tyre and crashed! And, in spite of of all the hate speeches, Varun won from Pilibhit. Posters in Pilibhit said, "Yeh haath.. mujhe de Thakur!" Nahiin! But in the end, the hand that rocked the cradle (Rahul's) does rule the nation! Wait! Whatever happened to Mallika Sarabhai (I know you read it as Sherawat!). Remember the way she went to file her nominations? Money collected from aam aadmi in a basket. Against Mr. Advani! Well, voters did not get hypnotized by the bindi.

The efforts to drive non Maharashtrians away and polarizing, hit the Sena real hard. Didi emerged victorious after all. Laluji is all remorseful and is left tending to his buffaloes. Moral - "Be friends with the alligator until you cross the lake". Mr. L. K. Advani refused to head the Opposition. The BJP, apart from blaming each other, is now also left with the task of finding a new leader. We do hope they realize what went wrong. It's now clear that paying Google to display ads all over the Internet, doesn't help. India is, very proudly, a secular country. We peacefully coexist and expect to do so.. in years to come! 

Here's a masterpiece. An election poster you should see! The 'actual' meaning of party symbols.

P.S. This is my first post as a guest! It's on Shakthidharan's blog. Thank you for the faith and appreciation! :)

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