here i am...

at last!!i've been trying to create an account and post something since donkey's years..but as would always happen..the server..BITS so damn slow..that i was very sure of ageing another couple of years until i could finally make it to this spot..
whatever!!since am here..finally..thanks to some bird blessings which i got earlier today(they say you are now destined to crack all your tests!!)let me tell you about a book i just finished reading..title "the chosen"..with great difficulty!!this book is about a girl who is trying to find herself..hmmm..and she keeps trying to find the reasons of her existence..well!i could offer her one..she was born just for the sake of ruining my weekend and instilling such pangs of sadness and distress in me that i began staring into space thinking about my existence!!the girl is so confused and i could'nt understand what!!that she can't take anything in life..god gave me strength and i managed to reach the end half expecting it to be some bollywood masala kinda twist..but alas!!to my shock..she reaches home one evening from work and the story is over!!nothing happened...damn!!i cursed..she never "found" herself!!what insanity!!..actually you can't even call it an open ended story ' can't make out what would happen to her!!
WAIT!!i think you can..she'll go home..have TV..sleep..wake up in the morning..go to work..come and sleep...
hey!! out for my upcoming plannin to write one..and ya..the title.." not choose me" !!!

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