do i know him??have i seen him before??have we met??do we share something similar???...
then...why does he stand out in a crowd??why does his presence makes me feel protected??why do i see him when he is not there??why do i think of him when i dont know him??why does his smile give a meaning to my life??why do his sorrows make me cry??why do his thoughts occupy my mind??why does every face i see,seem to bear a resemblance of his??why do my eyes search for him in a crowd??why does every song relate to him??why do rains remind me of him??why does he come in my dreams??why do i see him when i gaze at the moon??why do his eyes seem to be lookin at me??why does calling out his name gives me solace??why does my heart melt when i hear him speak??why do i yearn to be with him??why do i lose myself thinking about him??why do i smile to myself??why does his existence decide mine??


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Aurindam said...

1)why was i born??!
2)what life!!
ma'am you seem 2 b a prsn who is too full of questios!! and struggling to find answers 4 them. and this post seems to b a question-paper rather than a blog... tests hangover?? just kidding ;-)...
altho i must say i havnt ever come across a question paper that's so poetic!!

Aurindam said...

ok...aftr a few more reads n re-reads... i must say.... that the feelings that u have accomodated in such a small paragraph really deserves accolades.
kudos 2 kaddu!!

abhijit said...

why does his existence decide mine??

this was great question..

These all are assertive questions. As such these are not questions these are your statements about somebody you have said in the post.

Joy Forever said...

Well...a very complex mix of emotions. On one hand you say that you don't know him, on the other hand you think of him all the time!

Why?? That's my question too!

ramya kumar said...

i have no idea of who "he" is but nice one neway

Rajeshwaran S P said...

A series of Why? But interesting!

Kadambari said...


colors said...

I would like to keep coming back to your blog
again and again only for this post. I can't express here how beautifully almost spiritually you have etched the feelings of heart. why didn't i get these lines earlier? I could have used them for the expression of a lifetime.
'what oft was thought but never so well expressed."

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