iam kadambari..kadambari iyer..(now,don't say that it sounds like Bond!)and people around me call me everything except that!i am kaddu(mind you..i dont look like one..!!)kadz,kad,cadbury..and these tags have surpassed the identity of my real name to an extent that i am not known as kadambari to quite a few here..big deal..what's in a name??!as long as iam known to them as atleast something..it's fine with me..

well..let me give you one major reason why i am known to quite a lot of people.."gift of gab".and personally,i don't wish to elucidate on this because everyone already knows..!to put it short,i love talking(well..i can keep mum too..that's only when i am alone..& i assure,i don't talk to myself..!)and i am told that i act like a 12 yr old..an 80 yr old..at times..anyways that's for you to decide..i don't know!

music is my first love(rahul dravid,i am sorry,you always managed a second place)happy,gloomy,bored,ecstasic,angry..whatever be my state of mind,there'll be some music on & i'd just drift away to some place(i'd end up daydreaming..!!)i am a nature lover and am so awe inspired by it's beauty & power.birds,flowers,the night sky,rains,the beach,..i forget myself looking at them.

shopping is one major hobby(my dad has given up trying...now)clothes..shoes..hey,that's all!!i don't shop for anything else!(poor me..!)i love reading(not text books..!)& i believe that books make a person.open mindedness is something only books can give.and i am not going to name what all books i've read!i already have an account of all those i've read since i was a kid..!!

my favorite color is blue!!(well..i don't use a blue tooth brush or a blue bucket..but i do have blue bedcovers & blue curtains.!)and jeans..that's like second skin to me(i wouldn't mind getting married in a pair of jeans..easy work..lite re!!)ya..i use "re" a lot,so much that people around me have got it!uh..oh..i forgot to mention sweets.life'd be so bitter without them!chocolates,sweets,kheer,icecreams,cake,sakkara pongal..in fact everything with sugar in it..

iam hardly choosy about things.everything 'chalta hai' with me.i don't fuss over clothes,food..guess i am quite content with whatever is there & believe in living life to its fullest.well..one problem..i hate lizards..they're the dirtiest,slimiest,yuckiest creatures on this planet!i..so..don't like them.

i am not quite a tv buff & i've developed a new interest these days..the W.W.W. thanks to orkut & gtalk,i am so stuck to a computer that i could end up having yet another tag..soon.."compbari" ok..that was not a very good one..!i love making friends(i have a problem remembering names though..)i love travelling by trains,food,vacations,sleeping,day dreaming,chennai,...& obviously talking..!!

the song by ronan keating is one of my favorites..
life's a roller coaster..jus gotta ride it...!

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