somewhere i belong...

i wanna run away..than to say goodbye
i wanna know the truth..instead of wondering why
i wanna know the more lies
i wanna shut the up my mind

iam a die hard linkin park fan..and you might come across a number of lines from various
Somewhere I Belong..
where?to know that i belong somewhere would probably lessen this vaguely nomadic feeling bubbling in my head.a swarm of faces all around me but hardly even one whose mere sight would get that instant feeling of belonging!we come across so many individuals(a few who don't appreciate there own individuality..exist too...) in this life span of ours.we keep trying to establish the existence of "the special feeling" or to put it differently.."i've finally hit the chord with this one"!!but then..what happens?what goes wrong?there strikes a realization that this was not how it was supposed to be..or this one is not "the one"..or oh!what have i got myself into??!

and then it's back to the sinking feeling of being all on one's own..all in my world is me and only me!but trust's not even half as dismal as you would think it sounds's brilliant..why??how??well,simple.instead of trying,all your life,to find that compatibility or that sense of vain,just belong to yourself..!!instead of using your head to think of very dumb stuff like what you could have done or how it might have been..just make yourself believe that it's over.because it could not have been any better.instead or being overly pretentious,to an extent that you seem to be losing a grip on yourself,just be have to be loved for what you are..not what you could pretend to be!!and goodness..!i've seen people who are so different with everyone.i seriously pity their times they forget that being so pretentious might even earn them equally pretentious sure no one would want THAT!or if it seems that you would'nt want to move forward..for the fear of being apart..then,you definitely need to call 911!!it's an emergency.need a sense of belonging..belong to yourself.because you know you'll always be there for you and you would'nt have to pretend with yourself.

i agree it's not good to preach that i don't need anyone.because i know i do..everyone does.but you definitely don't need anyone to teach you to breathe or cry or feel.don't we all do this on our own?so all that's in my head is that i don't have to lose myself to gain someone or something.nothing,absolutely, is worth,a few hasty decisions which i almost made..would have been disastrous..had they been put to action!!and why did i do that?i did it thinking that it's all about making others happy.well..this concept works only with parents..only with's justified if your dad and mum beam when they accept a certain decision of yours.but for anyone else..

this is not about being lonely or not coming out of one's's just that you'd rather place yourself first before thinking about any individual in the world.and if this sounds self centered then it's not meant to be.because you get so tired trying to please everyone or forget yourself in the never ending process of making others appreciate you.and i've seen..the so called appreciation comes when you are least expecting it.let things take their own shape instead of you trying hard to shape them to fit your!!let things be the way they are.and all you got to do is LIVE!!itz something you think you've been doing all along but really haven't!!

i wanna heal..i wanna feel..
like iam close to something real..
i wanna find something i've wanted all along..
somewhere i belong...

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