the reason

found a reason for me
to change who i used to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason

it's easier to make things work,if you want to..but nearly impossible to make them happen,the way you want to.sometimes when things do happen the way you would want,you might not realize itz significance could take time to realize that you really needed it to happen.we are so pre occupied in our lives that we often forget to notice little things someone would have done for your smile..a small gesture which might have made your day..a few words which would have made you feel better..a concern which might have shown how special you are to's very easy to find faults with everything that happens.but we can atleast try to believe that whatever happens..would be for good.the reason..maybe you are not sure of..

but i found a reason..
a reason to look back and appreciate what happened
a reason to smile
a reason to understand beyond what eyes can see
a reason to go on
a reason to believe in myself
a reason to trust
a reason to fly without wings
a reason to live

and the reason is you...

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Aurindam said...

Hmmm.... Another LinkinPark!!!
And this time I m unable 2 comprehend ur thots!! Still ask urself 1 very simple thing.... is it so easy to put, all that u hav written, into practice??

kadambari said...

for awry..
itz a song by hoobastank..[:)]
and ok maybe itz not easy to put all that into practice..but therz a reason behind evrything we do..and if i put any of those into practice..i know why i'd be doing that!!
if it sounds too far fetched to u..wel..i dont kno!am like this.

Joy Forever said...

I'm visiting your blog after a long, long time. Nice to see you back to blogging.

By the way, you have been tagged. :)

Joy Forever said...

Sorry... I renamed the post and it changed to this. :(

Aurindam said...

my mistake.
no not abt my opinion but abt mistaking hoobastank as LP. well...u c i havnt seen my comp in last 3 mnths[:(]
And it was nice 2 kno that u r like that....u r helping 2 make d place arnd u bttr and ppl arnd u happier

Dexter said...

mm... It's nice kaddu...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

things dont happen as we want but we always have a chance to try,if they do(rarely) happen the thing loses its significance gradually...the reason iam not sure of... and also the post uses lots of dillemma and apparent characters, you always do this leaving us in dillema!!

anyways i found a reason to comment
and the reason is you

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