wait..before you do something
look..before you leap

our lives have now become so controlled that we dont want to go beyond those secure virtual for instance..i kept thinking about something..wondering whether i should do it or not..calculating..contemplating..analysing..gimme a break!!what i was thinking about,all this while..ceased to exist one day!and while i was breaking my head over how it'd be if it works out..or maybe fails miserably, apparently things were just waiting to happen!!i was supposed to take the initiative and then..things would have been great now..all that iam left with is..a back to analysing..contemplating..calculating..if all that thought was worth it??what did i gain by thinking so much??nothing..absolutely nothing..ya..i did gain an empty feeling..which am now going to live with..this void of how things could have been..but for me...

being impulsive is not usually viewed as one of our best noble traits..but once in a need to the voice inside you..instead of using your technically
trained analytic brain..or one day the voice would stop talking..well!you can't kept ignoring it..and the void would become unbearable if even you inner voice leaves you..the rest of the world is already as volatile as you could imagine..why give away your last resort too??we have become so cautious about life that we think a hundred times before treading on this path of an extent it's fine..obviously you would'nt want to lose control over your own life..but sometimes..when you want something with all your heart and soul..go for it!you might fail..but atleast you wont have the guilt of not having tried at all!!i read
somewhere..when you want something,the entire universe conspires with you,to make sure you get it..then..why not give the cosmos a chance??itz waiting for you..with arms wide make a wish and give it your best..!!why do you fear when you have the stars at your feet?

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