frozen flame

ice cold flame..i dont know whether you want to burn me or make me numb!also,am clueless..where do you come from!are you inside me?or are you all around me?maybe you are there to burn me and make me learn...things that life couldnt teach me yet..grow as an could be here to leave a mark.or maybe you want to make me numb..and like pink floyd sayz,comfortably numb.numb because i've had enough of everything and could be better being indifferent.or is it that you are so are the are water..the one that puts it are the heat,the serenity,the light,the calm,the ferocious,the peace,the destruction.

you're so just refuse to bend,so i keep bending till i break.

are you out to break me?what is it that you want of me?you want me to be the wick..burn and spread the light.or you want me to put the flame off..with a splash of water..bury the heat radiating from within with a jet of freezing water and become numb,lifeless?.numb, so that i have to bleed to know am alive!well,whatever an enigma that you are..i know you want to tell me something.but,i dont know what!

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