he sat drinking his cup of coffee. the fate had just pronounced its verdict. the end had begun. it was now time for goodbyes. he had seen them all...the fresh smiling faces as they came in, the enthusiasm, the 'highs', the celebrations, the never ending conversations, the music of laughter, the noise of silence, the tears of parting. the shoulders that had always been there, for the support, the concern, would no longer be. the smiles that had made days..maybe weeks, the talks that had lifted spirits, the walks in silence, the dances in the rains, the comforting presence that had never left, the spark that had numbed the senses, the tolls of bells, the depth and understanding in a mere shrug or a nod, the laughter in the eyes..

the sun has set over this life..sometimes goodbye's the only way..he is still sitting with the empty coffee cup. the table now has a stain..a brown ring...a little boy comes in with a wet cloth and wipes the table clean..there's no apparent sign that he was sitting here. he gets up and walks back with thoughts and memories that no wet cloth could remove. he was not really alone now. because a random thought crossed his mind..he smiled..and walked on...

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