..and we'll live happily ever after.

everyday after i get down from the bus, i have to cross this extremely busy road to reach my PS. as it is an industrial area, there are mostly only heavy vehicles carrying spare parts, raw materials, vegetables etc. there are no zebra crossings or signals which makes it all the more difficult to walk that stretch. so today, as usual, after i got down from the bus, i stood there waiting. i must have looked like a tiny speck in front of those huge goods carriers. braving the traffic, i crossed half the part...and then i was stuck. now the opposing traffic was alarming. public transport buses, huge trucks and me in the middle.

then, a goods carrier stopped right before me. i was wondering if he had a change of mind and was going to turn or do something else. i looked up the vehicle to see the driver's face through the glass window. he was waiting there and gesturing me to walk on. i stood for an instant, shocked, then with a grateful smile on my face reached the other side of the road. i turned back to see the vehicle resume it's usual course and disappear in the traffic. i dont remember the man's face nor will we ever cross paths. but this little gesture sure made me think.

the drivers and conductors in the buses here, are more human than i have seen anywhere else. while in delhi, you could be very safe on a road as long as you are inside the bus. if you are a walker, there is very low probability of you reaching your destination in a single piece..intact. the reckless driving by the blue line....public transport drivers has taken more lives than any other road mishaps summed up together.

on the other hand, in chennai, a bus driver would stop if he sees an old man waving his hand.. for it to stop....even if it is a little away from the bus stop. the conductor would never blow the whistle until all the people have safely gotten down from the bus. infact, he would mouth an automatic warning about the vehicle coming right behind the bus. and he would mostly stand up to give his seat to an old lady with a knapsack over her shoulder.

then...why is there so much of mistrust. everyone on a bus is a stranger to one another. looks like, it is safer to trust a stranger than someone we have known over a considerable period of time. i am pathetic when it comes to judging people. i somehow end up thinking that everyone is good. then why do they create situations which jeopardize a relationship?! we are social beings and so there will be communication at certain levels. is it such a huge effort for anyone to maintain the unspoken virtue..trust...between people?

so, my conclusion now is, to technically shut up..the colder and harder you become...the easier it is..to live in this world. though iam not sure..what happiness and warmth, a cold person feels. give all your love and affection to animals...they would never forget it..inspite of the fact that they hardly have all these complex thoughts ... but yes, what i do know is..if you are nice to people...oh man! you are so screwed..

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Kruthika said...

:) all thnx to that something, that has urged u to write...finally!
and are the drivers and conductors at chennai, really this courteous????? surprising!!!

Ranjani said...

you so so reflect my thoughts in the last para.... man is the most cruel of all animals and trust is fragile like glass; once shattered it is not possible to fit it again :|

kadambari said...

@ kika..u wont belive...but iam seeing such genuine good people..all the time here..

@ jinny..true! and turns out..that only the people we trust the most...break it! how unfair is that..

Sathyanarain said...

@ Kruthika aka Kika,
That something is me. :)

@ Kadambari,
I welcome your re-entry into blogosphere! :)

Keerthi Kiran said...

really? I think otherwise. The beauty of life lies in feelings. I feel how many ever times you are cheated of your premise, you have to trust people. I guess thats how we are made! :)

@people who trust breaking it: If it was someone else who broke we wouldn't have cared right?

kadambari said...

@narain....thnx! :D

@keki..well...rite on target..i guess..we really wuldnt have bothered otherwise..

Aurindam said...

judging people is tough!!...
cant help it...
me still trying...
and you will struggle with a lot of new people initially when u join a new job!!... so thatz gonna continue.
the best policy is...
"be good and u'll get good things in return"

kadambari said...

yeaa..true..but i really wonder about the...be good...part..how far is that gonna get good things in return..it jus screws evrything up even more..
btw..howz u?? howz work??

Anil P said...

'colder and harder' one becomes might make it easier to 'live in this world' . . . but becomes difficult to live with oneself.

kadambari said...

@ anil..difficult to live with oneself..yes..the little joys or sorrows dont make sense any more..as if, life in a neutral gear...like, comfortably numb.

Naren Ubi said...

Nice post! Most of us commit the mistake of judging people by their looks. Face is never a mirror of one's mind - trust me.

Being courteous to strangers is the most generic attitude of a society, and it varies from region to region. If you are a traveler, you will see some distinct differences in the societal attitudes when you hop every 50 kms :)

Ahem!.. and when it comes to trusting people that you know the most - there is a certain level of risk associated with that! What say you?

But I really enjoy judging people :P

kadambari said...

agreed! about the risk part of it...but unlike you...i do NOT enjoy judging people! i suck at it...big time! that is the reason i prefer to stay away..saves me the thrill of all this tedious process!

Deepak S Ramanathan said...

Feel like a total moron amidst all these high level thought provoking discussions! nonetheless brilliant...

Kadambari said...

We just write some weird stuff! Hehe..Not sure ourselves!

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