a face in the mirror

dont go...he said. you are all i want..you are all i need...you are everything. dont leave me alone in this world with all its uncertainties and void. you have given a new meaning to my life. i never felt this way before. i never was a stranger to my loneliness. but now, without you, i feel incomplete. me, my thoughts, my mind...were my very good companions. now, you fill them all. you are the wind that has given me direction..you are the river that has given me the flow..you are the sunlight that has given me hope..you are the earth that has given me shelter..you are the fire that has given me the passion.. you..have given me love...

dont go...he said.

there were no words spoken. but everything, heard.
was it a face in the mirror...or the face mirrored it all...

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Keerthi Kiran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keerthi Kiran said...

Chetan Bhagat is right!!!

Nice post.

kadambari said...

@ keki...about what?? thnx..btw.

Narain said...


Kruthika said...

ahem!?! :P ;)

kadambari said...

@ keki.. LOL!

@ kika & narain... even i can say ahem ahem!!

Anil P said...

The mirror. I wonder if mirrors throw shadows of images in them.

shwaathi kannan said...

aah these mirrors!! How many of them are there. Everyone bumps into one. Interesting because you may also be one.

Aurindam said...

dunno watto rite!!
apart from one more.... "Ahem!!"
:P :D

Ranjani said...

....I never was a stranger to my loneliness. But now i stand lost because i am willing to give up the very thing that i have stood for all my life. my dreams, values, fears, and hope. And thus i'm comfortably numb!

Kadambari said...

It's all very strange!

Interesting point of view.

hehe :)

Comfortably numb..That's it! That leads to closure.

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