am not superstitious! hell.. no way would i believe in random astrology. nor would future predictions by someone who claims to have read the stars, bother me.

but, someone once told me that there is no such thing as coincidence. everything happens for a reason and has a meaning, deeper than we can grasp. so, when one of my favorite possessions, just withered and fell...without a warning, i was mortified. it was a sign. it was to tell let go. to just forget that any of it happened. to erase all the memories of the past and re write them with the present. the present which is willing to embrace and cuddle me..take me away from the past.

and, it's over. am done. the past is no more. iam...the present.

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Kruthika said...

I've got nothing to say! or rather, I am not able to figure out what exactly to say! :)

Narain said...

'Coincidentally', thats the subject of the short story I'[m working on now. :)

kadambari said...

@ kika..dont say! i cant hear it.. :)

@ narain..ahh..well..let's try your take on that!

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