Summer Break

My Internship gets over this week and I'd be getting back home! After a real long time. So, there's some packing, moving and settling down to be done. In the meanwhile, please do not forget me. :)

I'll get back to blogging as soon as possible! Take care.. And keep your cool this summer.

Curry Flurry

'Petrol bomb hurled' at Indian youth in Australia who is now recovering in a hospital with 30% burns. Another 25-year-old student is fighting for life in a hospital here after being stabbed by a screwdriver by a group of teens in a weekend attack that also left three of his friends injured. Doctors are not very optimistic about his recovery. If this was not enough, Air France faces racial charges again. The officials didn't show any concern for wailing babies or ailing passengers.

And what do we do! We treat Kasab with all the humanity that we have. We keep sending dossiers with proof running into thousands of pages that he is guilty, to our neighbors, who conveniently recycle the paper for use in their toilets. Ooh! We are so sweet. We are the peace loving nation that lives and lets others live. I read an article that listed out why the Aussies hated the Asians. Trust me, I never saw anything as lame, ever! The most retarded one was this. Apparently, we flock around in large groups and block the way. Well, just open your mouth and say, 'Excuse Me'! We'll move. If this is the tolerance level here, then do people get shot for snoring? Education is their third largest 'revenue generating industry'! And this is not the way you treat us.
So, how are we going to retaliate! Continue going places in flocks, take away their jobs, make more money than they do. We follow ahimsa. And since we've obviously got more brains that you, deep down you know you can't do without us! We are a country with the largest population! We'll keep haunting you, wherever you go! Probably we should officially announce that 'Maa Ki' does not mean 'Monkey'. They don't seem to get the pronunciation correct.

P.S. It's a very short post. I know! I wanted to unleash the 'beast' within and retaliate with long essays! But, Writers Block! It's 5 AM, Monday morning. And I'm not getting sleep! I think I'm getting old. I have Insomnia.

Up, Up and UPA

DISCLAIMER - I didn't write this one! I have split personality. Yesterday, while my 'other self' was drafting a new post, a strange creature with the head of a pig, the torso of a jackass and the rear of a baboon showed up. It snatched my laptop and began typing away! It said it was from the Andromeda Galaxy and needed to discuss the Lok Sabha Elections, 2009. Plus, it threatened to spray it's 'venom' on me, otherwise. I thought, Swine flu! No! What choice did I have. Here it goes.

After that mind blowing majority, the UPA is now set for another term, to run the largest democracy in the world. The reigning Queen successfully played all her moves and set the way for her charming, not-as-shrewd-yet, dimpled Prince! He'll learn. We all start somewhere. This is the final mandate given by the Junta. The need for 'Youngistan'. Milind Deora, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia are some of the new faces who can speak English along with their local languages. They are qualified and also haven't been to jail! They have not been tainted by scams and corruption, yet. Though I was unbiased earlier, I seem to have developed a tilt in favor of these people. Hope, it all lasts. The Sensex is on a high already!

As I was glued to the T.V. the entire weekend, I witnessed all the comedies and tragedies. The Drama unfolded with the Media! Barkha Dutt, I noticed, had mellowed down a lot! She actually gave way for others to speak and wasn't loud at all! Sweet! Ever wondered what would happen if she went on Oprah's show?! A  fellow tweeter suggested. "Oprah will make Barkha cry, & then Barkha will make her cry by suing her". Goodness! 

Rajdeep Sardesai, on the other hand, was extremely charged up and it made me wonder "What's the secret of his energy?!' (Boost?! Naah. Red Bull maybe.) NDTV had this cool gadget displaying visual graphics of the votes distribution all over the country. Very fancy! But none could figure out what was going on in Shivaganga, Tamil Nadu. Amma accused Mr. P.C. of fraud while the rest of the country thought, she either hid some of the electronic ballots in the folds of her sari or swallowed them. Anyway, Mr. Chidambaram emerged victorious by a narrow margin. There were celebrations on Sun TV while Jaya TV began the telecast of Tamil songs. No more headlines flashing there.

Nothing could help Behenji either. She instead blamed the 'confused' Muslims for her downfall. Well, seriously, we were all confused. What were you up to?! Thankfully, we would still have computers and can speak in English. The cycle had a flat tyre and crashed! And, in spite of of all the hate speeches, Varun won from Pilibhit. Posters in Pilibhit said, "Yeh haath.. mujhe de Thakur!" Nahiin! But in the end, the hand that rocked the cradle (Rahul's) does rule the nation! Wait! Whatever happened to Mallika Sarabhai (I know you read it as Sherawat!). Remember the way she went to file her nominations? Money collected from aam aadmi in a basket. Against Mr. Advani! Well, voters did not get hypnotized by the bindi.

The efforts to drive non Maharashtrians away and polarizing, hit the Sena real hard. Didi emerged victorious after all. Laluji is all remorseful and is left tending to his buffaloes. Moral - "Be friends with the alligator until you cross the lake". Mr. L. K. Advani refused to head the Opposition. The BJP, apart from blaming each other, is now also left with the task of finding a new leader. We do hope they realize what went wrong. It's now clear that paying Google to display ads all over the Internet, doesn't help. India is, very proudly, a secular country. We peacefully coexist and expect to do so.. in years to come! 

Here's a masterpiece. An election poster you should see! The 'actual' meaning of party symbols.

P.S. This is my first post as a guest! It's on Shakthidharan's blog. Thank you for the faith and appreciation! :)

What's in a Name!

This post is the aftermath of 'Curd Rice' Kartik wondering why I was praising myself on my own post. Seriously, I don't think I'd do that! That's what you folks are here for, right! So, here's introducing, my name double.. my nick name double.. Kadambari Singhania! Well, she did that posts ago. Here it is. I can never be as consistent as she is but anyway. She posts as Kaddu while I use my full name. Also, our display pictures are different! She's got a Halloween pumpkin (a kaddu).

And talking of names, I decided to Google it up and came across various links to Kadambari. I knew most of them already but some were kind of strange!

  • Goddess Lakshmi is called so. Some say Goddess Saraswathi instead! Well, I guess they are all various avatars of the same one. (And it appears in the Lalitha Saharsranamam).
  • It's the world's first novel written in Sanskrit by Banabhatta.
  • This is an interesting one. Kadambari means the 'nectar/ wine' made from the Kadamba flowers. Intoxicating!
  • It means 'book' in certain languages like Kannada and Marathi.
  • A female cuckoo! FTW. I didn't know this. 

My mum has a penchant for traditional sounding, rare and historic names. And my name is the aftermath. So, obviously back in school, I landed up with a number of innovative nick names. Kaddu was the obvious one though I insist, I don't look like one, yet! My case is like, here's Kaddu who looks like Bhindi. Well, and the other really mean one was, Kadhe-mein-bhari. (Translated in Hindi to filled-in-slush). Cadbury was also deduced from the name though it's almost as long.

At BITS, it never turned nasty for me unlike some. I was called AutoCAD or CAD. So much for taking up Mechanical Engineering and actually doing a course called CAD (Computer Aided Design). Funny! What's in a name, anyway!


The title is in reference to Twitter's trending topics fad.

So, what has failed? The economy. Check. War against terrorism. Check. Politician's integrity. Check. Hopes. Check. Life. Check.

A batch mate of mine killed himself last week. Apparent reason given, is his inability to  get a job after studying at BITS, Pilani. And I got to know of this through tweets from fellow BITSians. He was a brilliant student, a hardworking guy and the only son. The news shocked me beyond wits. Why would anyone take such a step! And how?! I have often heard people saying, 'Suicide is Cowardly'. I doubt it. I don't think I can imagine hanging myself from the fan, writhing in agony, choking for breath, waiting to die. The momentary courage drives a person into such an extreme. But what gets left behind! Parents, who collect the shattered remains of their lives and would henceforth, probably, never sleep peacefully. Haunting memories of their child that was.

All that was running in my head was, 'What's wrong with people?!' Are we not taught to handle pressure? Can we not have some patience and look for alternatives? If something doesn't go the way we planned, what should we do? Kill ourselves? Not possible. Then what? I'm not delving into reasons of him taking such a decision. People have been contemplating financial status, parental pressure etc. But still. There has to be a way out.

These days I see parents demanding good grades, excellent dancing/ singing/ speaking/ painting skills from a child who has not even turned 10. After school, there's guitar class, then tuitions, then swimming! Coaching for IIT JEE begins from 6th standard nowadays. And every kid is expected to be nothing but THE BEST in any field that he ventures. Ok. Fine! Who comes second now? Or third in class? This madness has to stop somewhere. Or else, live with the consequences. 

We are  humans. We try. We fail sometimes. Succeed the rest of the times. It's natural. We can't force our expectations onto children. Every individual has his own capacity and capability. And when nurtured properly, they'll come out with flying colors. But that does not mean that just because A's son earns a fortune working for XYZ company or B's daughter is the brightest in math, your kid should be, too! Isn't your kid the bundle of joy you got, into this world! Share the joy! Appreciate them for what they are. And teach them to accept failures. 

Another thing that keeps popping in my head is dignity of work. No job is any lesser. If you do not work at Google, doesn't mean you are not worth anything! Every job has its value. Every work is respectful. Well, blame the society for glorifying some and mocking the others. It has made people think that it's below their dignity to foray into something less known or less paid for. Kids need to be taught the value of work. Things don't come easy in life and hardships are a part and parcel of it. Help your kids when they need you the most. Guide them. Show them alternative paths. Stand by them. Be glad at least they are there.

What would you rather have? A child who works in an average company and brings home enough money to make a contented livelihood or his picture adorned with fresh flowers? Make a choice.

P.S. I got back home from work and called my parents to tell them that they were the most awesome ones in the world! Love you both!

And the Award goes to

When Sumit of Hues of Insanity fame, nominated me for the Blogger Friendship Award, I was all tempted to get on top of my table and blow kisses and shed glycerin  tears.  Phew, glad I didn't do that. I might not have got the stipend for this month. Anyway, so here's my list of blogger buddies who have made my blog what it is.. today! The list could go on but I guess am supposed to stop somewhere.

Kokonad - From his swanky name to his 2D's.
Narain - For his 'mushroom head' & 'compositions'.
Kruthika - 'Coz sometimes even our moods match, in spite of being miles apart.
TW - For her regular dose of musings.
Varun - For all the 'ice'.
Reva - Absolut  wit & humor.
Kartik - For serving 'curd rice' with lots of spice.
Kaddu - Well! People named 'Kadambari' are obviously great! Hi five!
Pushkar - For his blogging tips.
Samuel - Chai time twitter buddy. 
Vyazz - For his thought stirring writing.
Rads - For always being around.
Kinni - Partner in crime.
Tikuli - The cool mommy blogger.
Choco - For the 'cat'titude.
ET - The brain behind those adorable Zoozoos.

Now, each of could take this up and nominate your bunch of friends! Spread the love! 

From Darkness to Light

I got down from the bus. I have been practicing alighting from a moving bus. Slow moving. Not to worry. It's not as tough as it seemed to me earlier. The shuffle was on and played my current favorite track. Square One by Coldplay from the Album X & Y. Home was a good 10 minutes walk from here and I loved every minute of it, in spite of the heat. I started towards the junction with various thoughts in mind. For starters, I don't like interference. The so called well wishers from all around the world who have nothing to do, whatsoever, with my life. Poking their over sized noses to sniff out something interesting to dwell upon. Don't we all have enough on our heads without worrying about what is happening around? Seriously, who has the time and energy to discuss every mortals' issues! I, for instance, am at work from 7 in the morning to almost 5. Travel included. So, when I get back home, all I can think of is, good food and good sleep. Sigh. People don't change. I'm so glad for this trend of nuclear families. Fewer folks to bear. Also, lesser burden on the planet. Anyway.

I saw him as I walked towards the adjacent bus stop. He must have been in his 50's. He was confused and muttering to himself, so someone around him would offer help. No one looked in his direction. I went up to him and asked where he wanted to go. He said Egmore and even told me the bus numbers on that route. He had been waiting for nearly an hour and people either overlooked him or gave him wrong directions. I informed him that he was standing at the wrong stop and the buses to Egmore came to the adjacent one. I waited along with him. I asked him if he wanted to sit. He said he was used to working long hours, standing. He didn't like to sit. The frequency of buses seemed to have died down and I wondered if he'd mind taking one of the auto rickshaws or the share autos. He reinstated the common belief that they were not to be trusted, on experience. He even advised me against it, ever.

He used to work in a factory in Ambattur Estate. It suffered losses and was shut down. His supervisor was willing to recommend him to another factory in Coimbatore, because he was such a good employee. But he was hesitant about moving to a different place with family. Then, he insisted that I get moving and not wait so long for him. I assured him that I was in no hurry. What work did I have. He asked me my name. I told, and wondered what he would do with it. Since 'Kadambari' is not too often heard, he asked me to repeat it. So he could remember. He said he prayed everyday so he'd include my name in his prayers from now on. He said people usually never helped him. The bus finally did come and I thought if it would be difficult for him to reach his destination once the sun sets. But well, he lived in a world that was dark. And he had lived his life in darkness. He was probably a better night traveler, than most of us. He was blind. He seemed worn out after years of sufferings and toil. Yet, he was up and running. Providing for his family and trying his best to live a dignified life. He carried a bag slung over his shoulder and a cane. I held him by his arm and directed him inside the bus. He thanked me and smiled. I wonder if he knew what a smile looked like. I couldn't smile then, though. I didn't have to smile back at him. He wouldn't know.

I started walking back, retracing the path. Some song played. I don't remember which one. I increased the volume till I couldn't hear anything. In my head.

Bangalore - Day 2

You can read Day 1 here.

We effectively did nothing all morning. Lazed around, checked mails, uploaded and shared pictures on Picasa. The way a Sunday is usually spent. Ranjani decided not be a lazy lump like the rest of us, and went on to meet up with another friend who lived nearby. We planned to hit the road after lunch. In the meanwhile, after concluding that we were too lazy to cook again, we ordered food. The usual Tandoori favorites with a lot of buttermilk. Whoa! So, after an extremely satisfying lunch, we dozed off. It was nice. It felt like we were back in our hostel at BITS. That's how we used to spend most of Sundays. The 'special' lunch followed by a long siesta.

Sindhuja had to leave early 'coz she had to meet up with some relatives. So, the remaining four of us finally got out of the apartment around 5 PM. Ranjani was to meet us in a cafe. We spent time eating and playing UNO. That was fun and funny. Our train back to Chennai was scheduled for departure at 10 45 PM. With still some time to kill, we landed in Forum. I'm sure most of us know about this mall. 

Now, I don't think the guys would believe this but yes. Women don't shop ALL the time. All of us, for instance, felt they had everything! You see, content. We didn't really think we needed to shop. How cool is that. After some walking and browsing around, we were done there! Aren't we all a bunch of angels?! Personally, my present expense mainly constitutes 'food'. Even I can't believe that I have had enough of clothes and shoes. All I can think of, is what interesting thing to eat next. Maybe that's what happens if you have been in the North all your life and suddenly living in Chennai now. No offense, but I seriously don't like the food here. Sigh, that's another story.

Anyway, it was way past 9 PM and we split ways. After hugs and goodbyes, we got a prepaid auto rickshaw to the railway station. It took us more than half an hour to reach, thanks to the traffic. The roads nauseatingly smelled of smoke and petrol. We boarded the train and were asleep the moment we closed our eyes. The TTR woke us up for tickets and the next time I woke up was when I felt the balmy air again. We were close! It was early morning and yet the weather was hot and humid. Phew! Nothing lasts forever. Ranjani's dad came over and insisted that he drop me home. In spite of all attempts to claim my tryst with Public Transport, he dropped me at my door step. Sweet! I actually like Chennai's PTC fleet. Trust me, most of the times, it's better to take the bus than getting lost in an auto rickshaw. Their frequency and connectivity totally impresses me. Plus, I never have to worry about  being outwitted. I plug in earphones and voila! That's the reason I can't take any insult to them. Singara Chennai!

That was Bangalore. And a reunion. Time of life.

Bangalore - Day 1

After multiple attempts at planning a 'meet - up', we successfully did it! It was two days of fun, eat outs, drives, late night star gazing and chat sessions. Along with Ranjani, I got on the train to Bangalore at 10 30 PM. We caught up on each others lives (and many others' too) and it was nearly half past one when we decided to hit the sack. And guess what?! As soon as the train crossed Tamil Nadu, it became COLD! Seriously. Chennai's balmy night air transformed into a chill that gave me a headache and made me temporarily deaf too. So, we had to spend the rest of the night trying hard to get a shut eye. Thankfully it was a short journey as we reached Bangalore City Junction at 5 AM. Cold and sleep deprived, we decided to grab a bite as it was too early to expect food at the place we were going. We slowly ate our sandwiches then made our way out to find the Prepaid Auto rickshaw booth. After completing the formalities, we got into an auto that zoomed around the roads of the city.

Now, we expected misadventures, but this early! Our auto rickshaw's accelerator cord snapped. The driver then began tinkering with some wires and came up with a simple but brilliant solution. He tied one end of the wire to the vehicle's side and got back on road. So, now picture this. He pulled the wire for acceleration and released it for slowing down. We concluded that the 'common man' in India was very intelligent and had great presence of mind (Unlike people like me who held Engineering degrees from elite institutes yet were clueless).

Anyway, we reached the apartment complex around six. The place was awesome! And what's even better. Kinnera and Aparna actually lived on the 19th floor. What weather! And what view! Once in, we were too tired and sleepy to do anything worthwhile and so we crashed. Woke up around 9 AM and decided to go to the nearby grocery store. The vegetable vendor seemed to understand all four South Indian languages along with Hindi. Multilingual! Back home, we (OK not really, just Kinni) got into the cooking mode. After a breakfast of dosas with this interesting tangy chutney, we planned the rest of the day. We were to meet up Preeti, Sindhuja, and Keerthikiran. Then we had a late awesome lunch, that made us bow down to Kinni for her culinary skills. Damn! I still can't identify pulses. And I specialize in making Maggi.

After lunch, we drove over to MG Road and went to this cafe with live music. After some rounds of great music, coffee, iced tea and chocolate cakes, we walked around the place till 9 PM. Found an ice cream parlor and stayed there for another hour 'coz none of us were actually in mood for a proper dinner. And then, drove back home. Now, the night view from the 19th floor was out of the world. We settled down on bean bags and talked until 1 AM till some of us decided to fix something for dinner! Well, I don't know what they ate as I was asleep like a log, already. The others apparently stayed up till 3 AM.
So, Day 1 got over. So soon! To be continued.. Day 2.

P.S. I don't remember the names of places we went to (I suffer from severe short term memory loss) nor am I able to upload pics from work. Oh yea, I'm at work,  pretending to be very busy documenting my project updates. DND.

P.P.S. Day 2

Tweet Tweet

Q. What is the first thing that you do, after waking up?
A. I tweet.
Q. What is it that you always do?
A. I tweet!
I think tweet, therefore I am!
The little blue bird that says, 'Follow me', is all over. When I started, I was hardly impressed! I was wondering if it mattered to the people of  Timbuktu, or any place for that matter, whether I hopped around the place or stood upside down or jumped off the terrace. Who has got the time, anyway! But whoa! Looks like everyone does. Only that can explain the popularity of Micro blogging. And I actually have more than a hundred followers. No offense, but seriously!! It sometimes transforms into online chat, that must be the nightmare of those followers. And retweet! I once RT'd something that was RT'd five times already. That tweet was funny!

I would like to list some of real interesting tweeters, the ones I'm following.
  • Twit Obituaries is my personal favorite! They make one line fictional obituaries funny.
  • And you've got to follow God! The reasons would be clear soon.
  • Another web comic. This one is Indian. Fly you fools.
Darn! I am not able to write anymore! I have crossed the limit of 140 characters long back. Also, now that I'm probably showing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I have my reasons to tweet. I need a break now. My wrists hurt! Word limits are always good.

P.S. I got an anonymous suggestion to write on Micro blogging. Thank you for that.

P.P.S. Narain got me Tweeting, by the way. :)

Return to Innocence

If you,

* wish to see your kids go to a school that wouldn't spell the word 'English'.
* would have your farmers use prehistoric tools in their fields.
* intend to use abacus for your everyday math calculations.

then, do vote for this party.

I have never come across an election manifesto that vows to retard the country's growth this way! I read this article and it shocked me. Seriously, we could as well go back in time when we drew on cave walls to express ourselves or used pigeons for communication or rubbed stones to light up a fire! I thought we had evolved. Darwin claimed so! Probably not.

Do they understand the meaning of Globalization? I am not saying it's wrong to teach regional languages in school. It's perfectly all right as a course. But, denying the future generations the ability to make a mark in the global scenario! Who gives anyone that right? No English medium education. Dude, give us a break. How are we expected to communicate with our technologically advanced counterpart? Use sign language or draw stick figures maybe.

India's population of one billion plus, needs food. And mass production needs large fertile soils, healthy and pest resistant crops, good irrigation facilities. Forcing farmers to stop using machinery, which eases their work and reduces the time consumed otherwise, is ignorance. Creating employment opportunities should be inclusive of overall development. They are not mutually exclusive goals.

And, no use of computers. I personally can't even think of a witty retort to this point. They insist that getting rid of computers would create more employment. At what cost! Now, imagine the time they would take to process an application for the payment of a telephone connection, manually. We can conveniently say goodbye to efficiency. It's time to get an abacus. I wonder how it works. I could Google that up. But hey, wait. I don't have a computer.

Sho(e)w Time

The pen is mightier than the sword”, coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton is out of vogue. The “Shoe” is the mightiest of all. It is truly a multipurpose product with it's uses ranging from protection against harsh weather conditions and beautification to expressing opinion. Don't like what that person is saying? No issues. Just hurl your shoe at him. It's your two minute way to fame!

First, the former President of the United States, then the Chinese Prime Minister and now it's our very own Home Minister. The severity of steps taken to deal with the accused have varied greatly. While, the Iraqi journalist has been jailed, the German student's trial is set for June. The Indian Journalist got away easy. Specifically, on our Home Minister's insistence. Anyway, the bottom line is, hurling one's shoe has become an expression of defiance. Considered a very big insult in almost all traditions, the shoe is now the symbol of protest. The irony is, none of the above mentioned cases actually had the shoe hitting it's target. It either fell too short or the targets were alert enough to duck on time!

In the meanwhile, shoe marketing has reached new heights. Sample this commercial.

Sho(e)o! Sho(e)o!! Sho(e)o!!!

Thinking of hurling a shoe at someone! Just drop in to our store. We sell new and improved 'Boomerang' shoes that never miss a target. What's more?! It comes back to you! Isn't this great?! The soles are fitted with a special, scientifically tested feature that makes it work like a boomerang when thrown correctly*. So, you hit and you get it back! What are you waiting for?! Hurry!! Limited stock!
*Conditions Apply – You need to practice your throw. Try this site.

Special shoes can be made to order for people with different sized feet. (For people like Ajit, the Bollywood villain famous for, “Saara shaher mujhe Lion ke naam se jaanta hai”. He used to wear mismatched shoes, sized 8 and 9.)

So! Who are YOU Sho(e)oing today?!

**Note - We can't offer you any help if Press Conference venues are transformed into 'No Shoe' zones.

Switch Off ~ With Pleasure!

So, there was this huge initiative about conserving the Earth. "Lights go out across the planet for the Earth Hour" as reported by CNN. Well, I observed it too. But I have to mention that it was a joint effort by the Municipality and the Electricity Board of my city. I have great respect for their concern towards containing global warming (probably even more than Mr. Al Gore has ever shown!).

Firstly, some Municipality folks come over and dig up the entire street. Old, worn out cables being replaced with new, they claim. Since it's an improvement whatsoever, the people living around, don't mind hopping out of their homes, on precariously balanced wooden planks, to the street. Once the replacing work is done, here's how they cover up what they have dug out. Pile everything back into the pit so that we now have makeshift speed breakers as soon as we step out of the main gates! Again, I must mention the point to be noted here (I know you would overlook it)! The Municipality has its own ways to keep a check on reckless driving! How would we get caught for speeding on the roads when we can't even take our vehicles out! I am genuinely all praises for their commitment to the society. Like the popular advertisement, "What an Idea Sirjee!"

Then, in the process of replacing cables, our bright folks tinker with the electricity ones and there you go! Thus began our "Earth Day" (not the Hour obviously, because the power was gone all day. We are better citizens!). Now, the people from the Electricity Board come over (after numerous pleas and phone calls). I found these guys to be more concerned about all this "Global Warming" than the Municipality folks. I will tell you why. A little wire fixing work that technically required like half an hour to complete (as the pit was already dug up!), took them around four hours to fix. Anyway, their dedication towards a better and safer planet for our future generations is commendable!

Cheers for the planet Earth.. Hip Hip.. (blink! oops, power cut) beep beep beep.

Couch Pumpkin

To explain the title, pumpkin is what my nickname (Kaddu) means. In Hindi.

Yet another weekend has come and gone and how did I spend it? Glued to my laptop in my room. Well, I absolutely loved it. This layout before you, is the result. I checked out a zillion websites to find 'the' template for my blog. Finally, zeroed in on this one. These folks not only design brilliant templates but also provide excellent post installation bug fixing services. All you have to do is post your query and some 'angelic soul' (from the design team or even one of the 'know-it-all' fellow members) would come to your rescue. Then, I tweaked it around a lot, rearranged all the widgets and also got my own beautiful tag cloud. While most tag clouds I found earlier had loads of complicated code to copy and replace. And I was never able to successfully install one. This, worked like a charm!

In the meanwhile, a telephonic conversation between Mum and Aunt..

Aunt: This girl is in her room all day, with her laptop. We just get to see her for dinner.

Mum: Yea. I know. Kids these days! Wonder what they do.

Aunt: Maybe she has got an underground lab of some sort, where she is designing weapons of mass destruction! Lol!

Me: (I rolled up my eyes though I could immediately picture Dexter's underground laboratory!)

Mum: Hehe. Right.

(Discussion goes back to what is A's daughter doing now, why is B's husband acting strange, how is C dealing with her son who got himself an American girlfriend and when will D get married.)

Anyway, I should go for a walk now and get some fresh air. (Most likely I won't. I know. After all, it's Sunday!!) Probably just find something to munch on.

P.S. Do drop in and tell me how you find the blog layout.

You've been Tagged!

Joblessness is directly proportional to joining social networking sites. For me, it all started with Orkut..and now there is Facebook, Twitter, and some more random sites of which I am apparently a member. So, obviously you would have heard of being tagged! Once you have been have got to write about yourself! After being tagged a number of times I decided to draft a list of 25 things about me...not because I was tagged..but I actually wanted to give it a shot..yea..whatever!

1. I am a very keen observer..a people watcher..while on a busy street, I would never fail to notice mannerisms, facial expressions, walk, a pair of interesting shoes or clothes. (Would do it even if they are not interesting. What else to do on a street full of people anyway?!)

2. I could spend my weekend rearranging the furniture and cleaning up.

3. I also go for long walks..alone..with music plugged in.

4. My life revolves around my and the music player. The external hard disk too, though it just crashed and am trying to recover it with all types of software.

5. I love formatting the hard drive and scanning it for viruses..It's sort of irresistible! I love the feeling of discovering a virus or that damn Trojan and destroying it! Some satisfaction it gives. Am non violent otherwise! Very harmless.

6. Curd is the most important part of my food.

7. My bathroom shelf has more bottles than you would find in your home. Not to mention the ones I have in my dressing table!

8. I still drink only milk..if I do so..neither tea nor coffee.

9. I love to shop and I own around 10 pairs of footwear.

10. I forget! Am extremely absent minded.'ll never run out of conversations with me.

11. I eat a piece of sweet the first thing in the morning. Typical sweet tooth.

12. Lizards freak me out. Not cockroaches not hopping insects..but lizards..eoww!

13. My attention span is very less and I tune out very easily. That definitely explains my grades.

14. I ride a bike..not a bicycle..but the actual motorcycle. I have been fascinated with them ever since I was a kid so learned to ride them out of sheer enthu. The only problem is that I find it very difficult to balance those heavy things. Plus I look minuscule on a bike! And people find it really funny!!

15. I learnt 'Kathak', a north Indian form of dance, for about 10 years. The irony is I have never danced in public. My dad hasn't seen me dance either!

16. Air conditioners don't suit me. I sneeze uncontrollably.

17. I don't have a single piece of 'pink' clothing! Be it t shirts, or whatever else. You'd definitely find a lot of reds.

18. I have some sort of a camera phobia. I can never get a picture taken with a straight face and open eyes.

19. I hate to travel. Who needs to travel across the globe when Google brings it to your fingertips! The best place for holidaying is home.

20. I have already tuned out and am very tempted to publish this right away..Incomplete!

21. I love junk food though am now trying to cut down the chips! They are sinfully yumm. Especially the ones introduced by Lays with a hot and spicy sauce sachet. Chocolates remain the eternal favorites.

22. I would love to teach kindergarten.

23. Of all the ice creams in the world, those orange and lemon licks/sticks are the ones I like the most.

24. I really don't care about what people think. They do it rarely anyway.

25. Phew! I dint expect to complete this in a single sitting. I did it! Yay! Would definitely add more to the list if there is.

Tagged ~ Whoever has the patience and time to do this..Go ahead! It is not that bugging as I dreaded initially. You might actually enjoy yourself.

follow the light..

life has been and continues to be a huge jigsaw puzzle. there are innumerable pieces..each required to be arranged, rearranged..then set in their right places. what remains, sometimes, is a void. though unsure of it's existence, it keeps reminding of it's presence, assuring that some day there would be a piece that would be the perfect fit. the path being walked on..brightens up..livens up the journey..takes all the weariness away with a whiff of fresh air..

here it is..voila! the missing seems to fit so beautifully, perfectly...and the path has now become a rainbow..merging all it's grandeur to paint the world bright. after all, the sky does cry..while laugh at the same produce this breathtaking fusion of colors..

say cheese!!

a board outside the Green Field restaurant back in C'not, Pilani.. surprising how they got the spellings of 'lunch' and 'dinner' right...

Picture courtesy Jyothi Menon, while we were on one of our aimless strolls around the campus.

i wish!

i wish it would i could hide my tears...i wish there was no one hears my scream...i wish there was lightening..and it struck...i wish there was a i would vanish...i wish there was a i could disappear...i wish there was a i could blame him...i wish i was not i wouldn't feel...i wish i could i would never return...i wish i was a it wouldn't matter...i wish there was time i could be teleported back in time...i wish there was no it wouldn't spill...i wish the world stopped time would come to a halt...

i wish! i wish!

P.S. - trust me, i tried to start the year on a happy note..but well! somethings are just strange. when we think that this is the worst that could just gets even more so.

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