say cheese!!

a board outside the Green Field restaurant back in C'not, Pilani.. surprising how they got the spellings of 'lunch' and 'dinner' right...

Picture courtesy Jyothi Menon, while we were on one of our aimless strolls around the campus.

i wish!

i wish it would i could hide my tears...i wish there was no one hears my scream...i wish there was lightening..and it struck...i wish there was a i would vanish...i wish there was a i could disappear...i wish there was a i could blame him...i wish i was not i wouldn't feel...i wish i could i would never return...i wish i was a it wouldn't matter...i wish there was time i could be teleported back in time...i wish there was no it wouldn't spill...i wish the world stopped time would come to a halt...

i wish! i wish!

P.S. - trust me, i tried to start the year on a happy note..but well! somethings are just strange. when we think that this is the worst that could just gets even more so.

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