i wish!

i wish it would rain..so i could hide my tears...i wish there was thunder..so no one hears my scream...i wish there was lightening..and it struck...i wish there was a catastrophe..so i would vanish...i wish there was a cloak..so i could disappear...i wish there was a god..so i could blame him...i wish i was not human..so i wouldn't feel...i wish i could fly..so i would never return...i wish i was a zombie..so it wouldn't matter...i wish there was time travel..so i could be teleported back in time...i wish there was no blood..so it wouldn't spill...i wish the world stopped spinning..so time would come to a halt...

i wish! oh...how i wish!

P.S. - trust me, i tried to start the year on a happy note..but well! somethings are just strange. when we think that this is the worst that could be..it just gets even more so.

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Narain said...

Nice theme!
But i had gotten used to the older theme which had been there for ages.

The Pseudonym said...

I hope your wishes come true. Wishes for a Great Year

Anonymous said...

i wish...nice one

Keerthi Kiran said...

some wise one once said "Be Careful What You Wish For...It might come true."

i wish you always keep smiling...i wish you never need to scream...(Contd.)...

I wish you a very happy new year.


kadambari said...

it was an uneventful Sunday afternoon and i had nothing else to do! the new page layout is the outcome of that..

hopefully so! wish you the same..

thank you..why do you have to hide yourself?

yea..i hope i change my mind about what i impulsively wished for..
and wish you a great year ahead..


Kruthika said...

been thr..done it!
hang in thr, ull be just gud...trust me! :)

The Pseudonym said...

Next Blog. A Funny One please. puhleeesssseeeeee.

kadambari said...

rite! i know..am totally going to follow that rule!

funny one!! well..i just cant write funny stuff...technical/wiring defect..


raghu said...

wiring defect!!...lolz

well...stay good!

raghu said...

"That's one of the remarkable things about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse." - Calvin

Ranjani said...

I wish i had a friend beside me...So i could share all my wishes!
Kaddhu..The post was so beautiful, almost poetical. especially the first line.

Dexter said...


there r so many yrs... that began with a similar note for me... almost every yr that i can remember... except.. something's different this time... its wierd but i came into the yr with a lot of expectancy n gratitude! :)

i never get tired when reading stuff that is honest... n when its abt that universal feeling - heartbreak! nice post!

Anonymous said...

i didnt understand one thing

Sreekanth said...

Sorry for the late comment, but got your blog while trolling the tubes :-( Does your wish have to conicide with the time you would have to be in College and get grade cards? I am just curious, since In my times it rains every registration day. It did for time when I was around there.

Anonymous said...

hehe, lol!! is this post abt ur sucking grades???i thot some tragic lev story.. zomeee

kadambari said...

Raghu..Calvin is a genius! :D

Jinny..good! you are one person that doesnt say it's depressing!..but yea..i did try to get some poetic effect..

Dexter..thank you! but everything gets ok..as we go further..that's the hope!

Sreekanth..hehe...lol! my grades are always screwed up...i dont really bother about them!

same for you Jomey! when have you seen me shedding tears over grades! all i hope for..is to scrape through...with at most dignity as i can muster!

Anonymous said...

I love writers who let their hearts flow like a river, sometimes serene and calm sometimes violent and turbulent .. we all have our share of good days and bad. keep writing.

Kadambari said...

Yea. Tiku. That's what makes us human.

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