say cheese!!

a board outside the Green Field restaurant back in C'not, Pilani.. surprising how they got the spellings of 'lunch' and 'dinner' right...

Picture courtesy Jyothi Menon, while we were on one of our aimless strolls around the campus.

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Kruthika said...

haha..gud one...brings bck all old memories! :)

Anonymous said...

me the great , born in a plate, near the golden gate..

Sreekanth said...

Really nice I hope they alteast have changed the spelling of food items in Vijay restaurant. I hope it is still around :-)

Kadambari said...

I know..Pilani is present within us..somewhere!


Everything is still the same..everywhere.. Pilani maintains that effect! Good for itself I say.

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. that's funny!

Kadambari said...

You should have seen the menu cards. It took us some time to get used to the new language!

arbitmind said...

Typical C'not. BTW, Nutan Market & Bhagat Singh Chowk have some more outrageous stuff like 'Child Bear':-)
& Kapoor's had 'lang fang soup' back in 2002 :-D

Kadambari said...

Lol! Lang fang soup eh?! What is that supposed to be?!

sham said...

Tats funny indeed:)Nice observation

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