Switch Off ~ With Pleasure!

So, there was this huge initiative about conserving the Earth. "Lights go out across the planet for the Earth Hour" as reported by CNN. Well, I observed it too. But I have to mention that it was a joint effort by the Municipality and the Electricity Board of my city. I have great respect for their concern towards containing global warming (probably even more than Mr. Al Gore has ever shown!).

Firstly, some Municipality folks come over and dig up the entire street. Old, worn out cables being replaced with new, they claim. Since it's an improvement whatsoever, the people living around, don't mind hopping out of their homes, on precariously balanced wooden planks, to the street. Once the replacing work is done, here's how they cover up what they have dug out. Pile everything back into the pit so that we now have makeshift speed breakers as soon as we step out of the main gates! Again, I must mention the point to be noted here (I know you would overlook it)! The Municipality has its own ways to keep a check on reckless driving! How would we get caught for speeding on the roads when we can't even take our vehicles out! I am genuinely all praises for their commitment to the society. Like the popular advertisement, "What an Idea Sirjee!"

Then, in the process of replacing cables, our bright folks tinker with the electricity ones and there you go! Thus began our "Earth Day" (not the Hour obviously, because the power was gone all day. We are better citizens!). Now, the people from the Electricity Board come over (after numerous pleas and phone calls). I found these guys to be more concerned about all this "Global Warming" than the Municipality folks. I will tell you why. A little wire fixing work that technically required like half an hour to complete (as the pit was already dug up!), took them around four hours to fix. Anyway, their dedication towards a better and safer planet for our future generations is commendable!

Cheers for the planet Earth.. Hip Hip.. (blink! oops, power cut) beep beep beep.

Couch Pumpkin

To explain the title, pumpkin is what my nickname (Kaddu) means. In Hindi.

Yet another weekend has come and gone and how did I spend it? Glued to my laptop in my room. Well, I absolutely loved it. This layout before you, is the result. I checked out a zillion websites to find 'the' template for my blog. Finally, zeroed in on this one. These folks not only design brilliant templates but also provide excellent post installation bug fixing services. All you have to do is post your query and some 'angelic soul' (from the design team or even one of the 'know-it-all' fellow members) would come to your rescue. Then, I tweaked it around a lot, rearranged all the widgets and also got my own beautiful tag cloud. While most tag clouds I found earlier had loads of complicated code to copy and replace. And I was never able to successfully install one. This, worked like a charm!

In the meanwhile, a telephonic conversation between Mum and Aunt..

Aunt: This girl is in her room all day, with her laptop. We just get to see her for dinner.

Mum: Yea. I know. Kids these days! Wonder what they do.

Aunt: Maybe she has got an underground lab of some sort, where she is designing weapons of mass destruction! Lol!

Me: (I rolled up my eyes though I could immediately picture Dexter's underground laboratory!)

Mum: Hehe. Right.

(Discussion goes back to what is A's daughter doing now, why is B's husband acting strange, how is C dealing with her son who got himself an American girlfriend and when will D get married.)

Anyway, I should go for a walk now and get some fresh air. (Most likely I won't. I know. After all, it's Sunday!!) Probably just find something to munch on.

P.S. Do drop in and tell me how you find the blog layout.

You've been Tagged!

Joblessness is directly proportional to joining social networking sites. For me, it all started with Orkut..and now there is Facebook, Twitter, and some more random sites of which I am apparently a member. So, obviously you would have heard of being tagged! Once you have been tagged..you have got to write about yourself! After being tagged a number of times I decided to draft a list of 25 things about me...not because I was tagged..but I actually wanted to give it a shot..yea..whatever!

1. I am a very keen observer..a people watcher..while on a busy street, I would never fail to notice mannerisms, facial expressions, walk, a pair of interesting shoes or clothes. (Would do it even if they are not interesting. What else to do on a street full of people anyway?!)

2. I could spend my weekend rearranging the furniture and cleaning up.

3. I also go for long walks..alone..with music plugged in.

4. My life revolves around my laptop..phone and the music player. The external hard disk too, though it just crashed and am trying to recover it with all types of software.

5. I love formatting the hard drive and scanning it for viruses..It's sort of irresistible! I love the feeling of discovering a virus or that damn Trojan and destroying it! Some satisfaction it gives. Am non violent otherwise! Very harmless.

6. Curd is the most important part of my food.

7. My bathroom shelf has more bottles than you would find in your home. Not to mention the ones I have in my dressing table!

8. I still drink only milk..if I do so..neither tea nor coffee.

9. I love to shop and I own around 10 pairs of footwear.

10. I forget! Am extremely absent minded. So..you'll never run out of conversations with me.

11. I eat a piece of sweet the first thing in the morning. Typical sweet tooth.

12. Lizards freak me out. Not cockroaches not hopping insects..but lizards..eoww!

13. My attention span is very less and I tune out very easily. That definitely explains my grades.

14. I ride a bike..not a bicycle..but the actual motorcycle. I have been fascinated with them ever since I was a kid so learned to ride them out of sheer enthu. The only problem is that I find it very difficult to balance those heavy things. Plus I look minuscule on a bike! And people find it really funny!!

15. I learnt 'Kathak', a north Indian form of dance, for about 10 years. The irony is I have never danced in public. My dad hasn't seen me dance either!

16. Air conditioners don't suit me. I sneeze uncontrollably.

17. I don't have a single piece of 'pink' clothing! Be it t shirts, or whatever else. You'd definitely find a lot of reds.

18. I have some sort of a camera phobia. I can never get a picture taken with a straight face and open eyes.

19. I hate to travel. Who needs to travel across the globe when Google brings it to your fingertips! The best place for holidaying is home.

20. I have already tuned out and am very tempted to publish this right away..Incomplete!

21. I love junk food though am now trying to cut down the chips! They are sinfully yumm. Especially the ones introduced by Lays with a hot and spicy sauce sachet. Chocolates remain the eternal favorites.

22. I would love to teach kindergarten.

23. Of all the ice creams in the world, those orange and lemon licks/sticks are the ones I like the most.

24. I really don't care about what people think. They do it rarely anyway.

25. Phew! I dint expect to complete this in a single sitting. I did it! Yay! Would definitely add more to the list if there is.

Tagged ~ Whoever has the patience and time to do this..Go ahead! It is not that bugging as I dreaded initially. You might actually enjoy yourself.

follow the light..

life has been and continues to be a huge jigsaw puzzle. there are innumerable pieces..each required to be arranged, rearranged..then set in their right places. what remains, sometimes, is a void. though unsure of it's existence, it keeps reminding of it's presence, assuring that some day there would be a piece that would be the perfect fit. the path being walked on..brightens up..livens up the journey..takes all the weariness away with a whiff of fresh air..

here it is..voila! the missing piece..it seems to fit so beautifully, perfectly...and the path has now become a rainbow..merging all it's grandeur to paint the world bright. after all, the sky does cry..while laugh at the same time..to produce this breathtaking fusion of colors..

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