Couch Pumpkin

To explain the title, pumpkin is what my nickname (Kaddu) means. In Hindi.

Yet another weekend has come and gone and how did I spend it? Glued to my laptop in my room. Well, I absolutely loved it. This layout before you, is the result. I checked out a zillion websites to find 'the' template for my blog. Finally, zeroed in on this one. These folks not only design brilliant templates but also provide excellent post installation bug fixing services. All you have to do is post your query and some 'angelic soul' (from the design team or even one of the 'know-it-all' fellow members) would come to your rescue. Then, I tweaked it around a lot, rearranged all the widgets and also got my own beautiful tag cloud. While most tag clouds I found earlier had loads of complicated code to copy and replace. And I was never able to successfully install one. This, worked like a charm!

In the meanwhile, a telephonic conversation between Mum and Aunt..

Aunt: This girl is in her room all day, with her laptop. We just get to see her for dinner.

Mum: Yea. I know. Kids these days! Wonder what they do.

Aunt: Maybe she has got an underground lab of some sort, where she is designing weapons of mass destruction! Lol!

Me: (I rolled up my eyes though I could immediately picture Dexter's underground laboratory!)

Mum: Hehe. Right.

(Discussion goes back to what is A's daughter doing now, why is B's husband acting strange, how is C dealing with her son who got himself an American girlfriend and when will D get married.)

Anyway, I should go for a walk now and get some fresh air. (Most likely I won't. I know. After all, it's Sunday!!) Probably just find something to munch on.

P.S. Do drop in and tell me how you find the blog layout.

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Sauron said...

Looks nice and fresh! And yes, I like tag clouds. Someday, when I have that kind of time, I'll change my blog's theme too.

sammythewizzy said...

hey.. the tag cloud looks awesome.. How did u get it? I wanna get something just like that.. me jealous.. plz tell.. :P..

Kadambari said...

Thanks! And yea, it takes so long to set up a new template. So, set a full day aside. :)

I have linked the source of the tag cloud on my post itself plus at the bottom of my blog page. Anyway.. here it is again..
Just follow the instructions on this page and read the comments if you have any doubts.

Kruthika said...

i just have to say this...u ve got hella lot of patience mannn....seriously!!! :D

Pushkaraj said...

First of all, nice blog!
I have been curious about blog layouts and templates. But wait, I must tell you that I consider myself technologically challenged. I have a 'working knowledge' of computers, enough to get by in life. I migrated to using Linux from MS about an year ago, and that's my crowning achievement so far. But all this stuff about html, xhtml and what not is all Greek to me.
When I compare my blog with many others, it looks, well, completely drab! I have some thoughts/queries and hope you can throw some light on this.
I suppose that even the best blog design can do nothing to increase traffic, or rather, ATTRACT traffic to a blog. Once somebody visits your blog, then it can help is keeping him/her glued to it. As far as making the person want to return to i regularly, I presume it is only the content that matters. Now, am i right in presuming all this or is there a fundamental something that I am missing?
I have not been too bothered about adsense revenue, honestly. Still, I cannot fathom why my blog has got USD 1.7 in over a year!
Hoping to hear from you. Of course, hoping that you will visit my blog too. One specific this that bothers me about the blog i that almost 1/3rd of the page space on the left is all going waste. I looked for some other templates and almost messed up whatever I had created in the first place. So it was back to my good old design again.

Kadambari said...

Hehe.. What else to do on a weekend with no other plans! ;)

Thank you! And moving to Linux is a "huge" achievement! Seriously, you deserve a crown for that. I have been finding it so impossibly weird.

I visited all of your three blogs and your writing is great! So, the content is just fine. Plus you also update regularly which is good. Ads make your blog worth so much.. so again.. it is a plus point. Now, all you need to do, to increase your blog traffic is

1) Get an attractive template and reset the way the page looks.
2) Participate more in your Bloggers' community.

First of all, check my post again or the blog page footer, where I have linked to the site I got the templates from. Visit the sites for free templates and follow the instructions. It is pretty easy to customize. Just start experimenting and you'll get the hang of it. (Setting up a new template resets all your previous widget settings to default even if you back up your old template. It IS a pain. I know!) Or if you find this too boring and time consuming now, go to step 2. :)

Second of all, I found Indiblog member badges on your page. So, just start a more active participation in the forums. Promote your blog there. Ask for reviews and all. You'll see the traffic flowing in. Usually, the more you visit around, the more traffic it generates.

Join and participate in more communities for that matter.

Hope this helps.
Let me know if you have more queries.

raghu said...

"Hope this helps.
Let me know if you have more queries."

Someone's turning professional here...Freelance blog consulting eh?

And romba vetti aa irukkadha...then you will pushed to fill that Ms X post :D

Pushkaraj said...

Hey Kadambari,
Thanks! I mustered enough courage to change the template. Chose a new one similar to existing one, but with three columns instead of two (didn't want to migrate to a totally new design - 'frequent' readers may get confused. HaHa!)
Of course, now I think my blog has got too cluttered :-( I think I suffer from perpetual discontent, so will keep tinkering with things. I have an immediate problem and am reverting to you again (Raghu's comments notwithstanding....). The picture I had on my title bar has disappeared. When I insert in again in the 'Page Elements', it shows during editing, but it doesn't show up in the blog. I presume it has something to do with the picture width and the html code of the header. I have no knowledge of the code and am wary of following the 'edit html' link.
Thanks for the compliments about Linux. I don't think I deserve them, though. Recent Linux packages are quite idiot-proof, so my machine is safeguarded against me! As for utilities, Open Office substitutes nicely for MS Office, Evolution for Outlook, GIMP for Photoshop and Amarok for WinAmp. What else do I need? Nothing!
The only thing I still resort to MS Windows for, is to use Soundforge for converting my precious old cassettes to mp3. Even that can be done using Audacity from Linux, just that Soundforge is light years ahead of Audacity in terms of features.
So, thanks again. I also used the idea you had given for the Tag Cloud. It worked, just that my cloud is a little dense....

vjkrishna said...

You have a fantastic template. To type in the comment, we got to open the pop-up. You can probably look changing that. Not sure if lot of people like commenting in the pop-up.

KarSub said...

Ah found you!
So this is what you call home eh?
I have to give it to you, your blog looks awesome, no two ways about it.

Kadambari said...

Lol! It's good fun! Cmon. I spend all my time on Blogger anyway. Something better than being jobless! ;)

I checked your blog again. And the template is good. At least not too complicated to confuse you more. And about your header image problem, check this link out. Read the comments that follow the post too. They seem to address similar errors.

It might involve a little bit of HTML tinkering though. Just preview your template after each change so that you save only after you like how your page looks (plus no disasters happen this way! :) ) Also, some widgets have gone awry. If you are not able to handle it, just get back to the earlier, normal one! No pressure. There's enough already! :)

You have got a lot of tags. That's why the cloud has come that way. But, that's fine. And LOL about your tryst with your Linux system! Hang in there! I am completely sticking with Microsoft as of now. Linux makes me look like a complete dud!


Thanks! I changed the comment window settings. No more nasty pop ups.

See! I told you! I tried importing stuff from Blogger to WordPress (after I updated here) and Whaam! It was a complete fiasco with duplicate posts and what not. So, I decided to maintain this one...properly and delete that one.

Anyway, now that you liked it, thanks!


Karsub said...

Yup. you have won the battle my lady, but I shall win the war (somehow!) :) Muhahahahaha

P.S. the orange spirals on your about me .. oh-la-la

P.P.S. Are you online,like,always?

Kadambari said...

Hehe! We shall see! May the best (wo)man win! And yea, am online. So, are you! :P

Kadambari said...

P.S. Didn't I say my life revolved around this charming invention of mankind called.. laptop!

KarSub said...

You did!

Anyways, good you have FB feed. I've subsc. to it. Expect to see a lot more of me here. Muhahaha

(which is needlessly impolite way of me saying .. keep the good posts coming) :)

Anonymous said...

the new layout is very good. looks very cool and calm. cheers!

Kadambari said...

Nice! And the same goes to you. You feature on my Google reading list too!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know!


pisku said...

Hey girl, I this just reminded me of the time i spent to make my templated. And lo.. that was in office ;)
I'm linking u up!

Ruchi said...

Hiii....I found you through IndiBlogger.Nice Blog. It seems you directly write from heart. keep it up :)

Kadambari said...

Interesting screen name! Thanks!

Thank you Ruchi! :)

sawan said...

heya.. nice one here :) and luvly conversation.. dexter's lab, huh :D

hrd of couch potato.. couch pumpkin was new :D

u take care girlie and have fun..
tomoroow is antr sunday, so antr lazy day :) haaaav fun :) take care..

todays writer said...

Visited your blog for the first time. NIce blog, wonderful new template!
Your writing style is wonderfully easy to read.Keep it up.

Pankaj Upadhyay said...

Hi Kadambari aka Kaddu lol..

One of the nice Blog URLS I have ever seen. I loved and then you template is good.You know even I am using that template for one of my blog.

Nice to meet you. Keep writing :)

Kadambari said...

Sawan, Today's writer, Pankaj,

Thanks! :)

Dhiraj Kukreja said...


stumbled across your blog by chance on ... well, thought "yeah, lemme see what she has to write"

truth be told ... ws blown away by ur simplistic writing style ... loved this particular post of "couch pumpkin" ..

neway, keep posting such humorous anecdotes. and oh yeah, have blogrolled u & will be following it as & wen i get the time ...


PS: ws curious to see wat these 20 odd comments for this post were ... turns out u've taken up a part-time job of a blog consultant out here ... lolzzzzz

Kadambari said...

Hey Dhiraj,
Thanks! And yea, this page turned out to be some freelance consultancy!

lafemmereva said...

:) ur weekends revolve around laptops...every single waking hr of mine except my zzing time revolves arnd my laptop!!!

Kadambari said...

Correction Reva..
My life revolves around it. That was just a weekend's narration.

rads said...

Your blog layout is awesome. Worth all your weekend's effort. I can't imagine a day without my lappy. I'm addicted.

Kadambari said...

Rads, :)

Namita Chandra said...

I really like your layout and great posts. I like the way you have arranged the blog communities. I am a working mother and love blogging sometimes I am up the whole night arranging the layout of my bog, changing templates etc. and in the morning I revert back to the original one, with such minor changes, that my husband says did you really change anything in the night

Kadambari said...

Lol Namita! That's so nice of you. And that's ok. I completely understand your enthusiasm for those layouts and settings! I'm so obsessed myself! I spend hours playing around with it, doing nothing big in particular. We love our blogs!


kanika said...

lol... the word "kaddu" grabbed my thought of dropping in to comment. i kinda relate to it personally, as for my nickname "kannu", most people prefer calling me "kaddu" (dis happens to be my favorite catchword as and when things go haywire! if dis makes any sense at all ! :P )

btw, nice posts :) write on.

Kadambari said...

Lol! Kanika. Nick names are weird. There are people who still don't know me by my actual name! Anyway, thanks.

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