follow the light..

life has been and continues to be a huge jigsaw puzzle. there are innumerable pieces..each required to be arranged, rearranged..then set in their right places. what remains, sometimes, is a void. though unsure of it's existence, it keeps reminding of it's presence, assuring that some day there would be a piece that would be the perfect fit. the path being walked on..brightens up..livens up the journey..takes all the weariness away with a whiff of fresh air..

here it is..voila! the missing seems to fit so beautifully, perfectly...and the path has now become a rainbow..merging all it's grandeur to paint the world bright. after all, the sky does cry..while laugh at the same produce this breathtaking fusion of colors..

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Kruthika said...

nice to c a feel-gud post, aftr a longgg time...or rather for the first time! :D

Ranjani said...

interesting point of view. the puzzle seems to confound us upto mayhem till we find the perfect piece. But then it was worth it!

kadambari said...

Kika..I know! It's going to be only 'feel good' posts now on! Resolution!! Even I have got bugged of cry baby posts.. :D

Jinny..Totally! I agree with you there. Everything seems worth the effort, now that it has led to this completeness.

Anonymous said...

i m an inspired stuff.. trust meh dis pic has shown meh a new world"

Kadambari said...

I like browsing for random and interesting pictures on the web..especially on Flickr. This picture came as a wallpaper in my phone.

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