Bangalore - Day 2

You can read Day 1 here.

We effectively did nothing all morning. Lazed around, checked mails, uploaded and shared pictures on Picasa. The way a Sunday is usually spent. Ranjani decided not be a lazy lump like the rest of us, and went on to meet up with another friend who lived nearby. We planned to hit the road after lunch. In the meanwhile, after concluding that we were too lazy to cook again, we ordered food. The usual Tandoori favorites with a lot of buttermilk. Whoa! So, after an extremely satisfying lunch, we dozed off. It was nice. It felt like we were back in our hostel at BITS. That's how we used to spend most of Sundays. The 'special' lunch followed by a long siesta.

Sindhuja had to leave early 'coz she had to meet up with some relatives. So, the remaining four of us finally got out of the apartment around 5 PM. Ranjani was to meet us in a cafe. We spent time eating and playing UNO. That was fun and funny. Our train back to Chennai was scheduled for departure at 10 45 PM. With still some time to kill, we landed in Forum. I'm sure most of us know about this mall. 

Now, I don't think the guys would believe this but yes. Women don't shop ALL the time. All of us, for instance, felt they had everything! You see, content. We didn't really think we needed to shop. How cool is that. After some walking and browsing around, we were done there! Aren't we all a bunch of angels?! Personally, my present expense mainly constitutes 'food'. Even I can't believe that I have had enough of clothes and shoes. All I can think of, is what interesting thing to eat next. Maybe that's what happens if you have been in the North all your life and suddenly living in Chennai now. No offense, but I seriously don't like the food here. Sigh, that's another story.

Anyway, it was way past 9 PM and we split ways. After hugs and goodbyes, we got a prepaid auto rickshaw to the railway station. It took us more than half an hour to reach, thanks to the traffic. The roads nauseatingly smelled of smoke and petrol. We boarded the train and were asleep the moment we closed our eyes. The TTR woke us up for tickets and the next time I woke up was when I felt the balmy air again. We were close! It was early morning and yet the weather was hot and humid. Phew! Nothing lasts forever. Ranjani's dad came over and insisted that he drop me home. In spite of all attempts to claim my tryst with Public Transport, he dropped me at my door step. Sweet! I actually like Chennai's PTC fleet. Trust me, most of the times, it's better to take the bus than getting lost in an auto rickshaw. Their frequency and connectivity totally impresses me. Plus, I never have to worry about  being outwitted. I plug in earphones and voila! That's the reason I can't take any insult to them. Singara Chennai!

That was Bangalore. And a reunion. Time of life.

Bangalore - Day 1

After multiple attempts at planning a 'meet - up', we successfully did it! It was two days of fun, eat outs, drives, late night star gazing and chat sessions. Along with Ranjani, I got on the train to Bangalore at 10 30 PM. We caught up on each others lives (and many others' too) and it was nearly half past one when we decided to hit the sack. And guess what?! As soon as the train crossed Tamil Nadu, it became COLD! Seriously. Chennai's balmy night air transformed into a chill that gave me a headache and made me temporarily deaf too. So, we had to spend the rest of the night trying hard to get a shut eye. Thankfully it was a short journey as we reached Bangalore City Junction at 5 AM. Cold and sleep deprived, we decided to grab a bite as it was too early to expect food at the place we were going. We slowly ate our sandwiches then made our way out to find the Prepaid Auto rickshaw booth. After completing the formalities, we got into an auto that zoomed around the roads of the city.

Now, we expected misadventures, but this early! Our auto rickshaw's accelerator cord snapped. The driver then began tinkering with some wires and came up with a simple but brilliant solution. He tied one end of the wire to the vehicle's side and got back on road. So, now picture this. He pulled the wire for acceleration and released it for slowing down. We concluded that the 'common man' in India was very intelligent and had great presence of mind (Unlike people like me who held Engineering degrees from elite institutes yet were clueless).

Anyway, we reached the apartment complex around six. The place was awesome! And what's even better. Kinnera and Aparna actually lived on the 19th floor. What weather! And what view! Once in, we were too tired and sleepy to do anything worthwhile and so we crashed. Woke up around 9 AM and decided to go to the nearby grocery store. The vegetable vendor seemed to understand all four South Indian languages along with Hindi. Multilingual! Back home, we (OK not really, just Kinni) got into the cooking mode. After a breakfast of dosas with this interesting tangy chutney, we planned the rest of the day. We were to meet up Preeti, Sindhuja, and Keerthikiran. Then we had a late awesome lunch, that made us bow down to Kinni for her culinary skills. Damn! I still can't identify pulses. And I specialize in making Maggi.

After lunch, we drove over to MG Road and went to this cafe with live music. After some rounds of great music, coffee, iced tea and chocolate cakes, we walked around the place till 9 PM. Found an ice cream parlor and stayed there for another hour 'coz none of us were actually in mood for a proper dinner. And then, drove back home. Now, the night view from the 19th floor was out of the world. We settled down on bean bags and talked until 1 AM till some of us decided to fix something for dinner! Well, I don't know what they ate as I was asleep like a log, already. The others apparently stayed up till 3 AM.
So, Day 1 got over. So soon! To be continued.. Day 2.

P.S. I don't remember the names of places we went to (I suffer from severe short term memory loss) nor am I able to upload pics from work. Oh yea, I'm at work,  pretending to be very busy documenting my project updates. DND.

P.P.S. Day 2

Tweet Tweet

Q. What is the first thing that you do, after waking up?
A. I tweet.
Q. What is it that you always do?
A. I tweet!
I think tweet, therefore I am!
The little blue bird that says, 'Follow me', is all over. When I started, I was hardly impressed! I was wondering if it mattered to the people of  Timbuktu, or any place for that matter, whether I hopped around the place or stood upside down or jumped off the terrace. Who has got the time, anyway! But whoa! Looks like everyone does. Only that can explain the popularity of Micro blogging. And I actually have more than a hundred followers. No offense, but seriously!! It sometimes transforms into online chat, that must be the nightmare of those followers. And retweet! I once RT'd something that was RT'd five times already. That tweet was funny!

I would like to list some of real interesting tweeters, the ones I'm following.
  • Twit Obituaries is my personal favorite! They make one line fictional obituaries funny.
  • And you've got to follow God! The reasons would be clear soon.
  • Another web comic. This one is Indian. Fly you fools.
Darn! I am not able to write anymore! I have crossed the limit of 140 characters long back. Also, now that I'm probably showing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I have my reasons to tweet. I need a break now. My wrists hurt! Word limits are always good.

P.S. I got an anonymous suggestion to write on Micro blogging. Thank you for that.

P.P.S. Narain got me Tweeting, by the way. :)

Return to Innocence

If you,

* wish to see your kids go to a school that wouldn't spell the word 'English'.
* would have your farmers use prehistoric tools in their fields.
* intend to use abacus for your everyday math calculations.

then, do vote for this party.

I have never come across an election manifesto that vows to retard the country's growth this way! I read this article and it shocked me. Seriously, we could as well go back in time when we drew on cave walls to express ourselves or used pigeons for communication or rubbed stones to light up a fire! I thought we had evolved. Darwin claimed so! Probably not.

Do they understand the meaning of Globalization? I am not saying it's wrong to teach regional languages in school. It's perfectly all right as a course. But, denying the future generations the ability to make a mark in the global scenario! Who gives anyone that right? No English medium education. Dude, give us a break. How are we expected to communicate with our technologically advanced counterpart? Use sign language or draw stick figures maybe.

India's population of one billion plus, needs food. And mass production needs large fertile soils, healthy and pest resistant crops, good irrigation facilities. Forcing farmers to stop using machinery, which eases their work and reduces the time consumed otherwise, is ignorance. Creating employment opportunities should be inclusive of overall development. They are not mutually exclusive goals.

And, no use of computers. I personally can't even think of a witty retort to this point. They insist that getting rid of computers would create more employment. At what cost! Now, imagine the time they would take to process an application for the payment of a telephone connection, manually. We can conveniently say goodbye to efficiency. It's time to get an abacus. I wonder how it works. I could Google that up. But hey, wait. I don't have a computer.

Sho(e)w Time

The pen is mightier than the sword”, coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton is out of vogue. The “Shoe” is the mightiest of all. It is truly a multipurpose product with it's uses ranging from protection against harsh weather conditions and beautification to expressing opinion. Don't like what that person is saying? No issues. Just hurl your shoe at him. It's your two minute way to fame!

First, the former President of the United States, then the Chinese Prime Minister and now it's our very own Home Minister. The severity of steps taken to deal with the accused have varied greatly. While, the Iraqi journalist has been jailed, the German student's trial is set for June. The Indian Journalist got away easy. Specifically, on our Home Minister's insistence. Anyway, the bottom line is, hurling one's shoe has become an expression of defiance. Considered a very big insult in almost all traditions, the shoe is now the symbol of protest. The irony is, none of the above mentioned cases actually had the shoe hitting it's target. It either fell too short or the targets were alert enough to duck on time!

In the meanwhile, shoe marketing has reached new heights. Sample this commercial.

Sho(e)o! Sho(e)o!! Sho(e)o!!!

Thinking of hurling a shoe at someone! Just drop in to our store. We sell new and improved 'Boomerang' shoes that never miss a target. What's more?! It comes back to you! Isn't this great?! The soles are fitted with a special, scientifically tested feature that makes it work like a boomerang when thrown correctly*. So, you hit and you get it back! What are you waiting for?! Hurry!! Limited stock!
*Conditions Apply – You need to practice your throw. Try this site.

Special shoes can be made to order for people with different sized feet. (For people like Ajit, the Bollywood villain famous for, “Saara shaher mujhe Lion ke naam se jaanta hai”. He used to wear mismatched shoes, sized 8 and 9.)

So! Who are YOU Sho(e)oing today?!

**Note - We can't offer you any help if Press Conference venues are transformed into 'No Shoe' zones.

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