Tweet Tweet

Q. What is the first thing that you do, after waking up?
A. I tweet.
Q. What is it that you always do?
A. I tweet!
I think tweet, therefore I am!
The little blue bird that says, 'Follow me', is all over. When I started, I was hardly impressed! I was wondering if it mattered to the people of  Timbuktu, or any place for that matter, whether I hopped around the place or stood upside down or jumped off the terrace. Who has got the time, anyway! But whoa! Looks like everyone does. Only that can explain the popularity of Micro blogging. And I actually have more than a hundred followers. No offense, but seriously!! It sometimes transforms into online chat, that must be the nightmare of those followers. And retweet! I once RT'd something that was RT'd five times already. That tweet was funny!

I would like to list some of real interesting tweeters, the ones I'm following.
  • Twit Obituaries is my personal favorite! They make one line fictional obituaries funny.
  • And you've got to follow God! The reasons would be clear soon.
  • Another web comic. This one is Indian. Fly you fools.
Darn! I am not able to write anymore! I have crossed the limit of 140 characters long back. Also, now that I'm probably showing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I have my reasons to tweet. I need a break now. My wrists hurt! Word limits are always good.

P.S. I got an anonymous suggestion to write on Micro blogging. Thank you for that.

P.P.S. Narain got me Tweeting, by the way. :)

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varunshridhar said...

Tweets do transform into online chats and ultimately becomes one of the causes for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wouldn't you agree?

Jokes apart, the blue bird sure is all over. true!

Twisted Elegance.... said...

A good looking girl, even if she starts a holocaust camp, people will become members. Thats the way the world works :)

And did you by any chance study in Anna Adarsh?

TW said...

Hehe...Am still not buying into twitter.. prehaps all for the best.. Am as such rather addicted to blogging! :O

Kokonad said...

I am with TW on this one. I feel blogging already takes up a chunk of my time... Tweeting might take away the other chunk - and soon I will be left with only the time when I sleep. :)
The 'Return to innocence' post surely ruffled lots of feathers!

rads said...

Hmm...I'm not a twitter user either...I still don't see it as something better than blogging or orkutting or flickering. Actually I don't have anymore time left for tweeting and I don't mind the free time coz I need it all, its the only time I get to eat n sleep.

Anonymous said...

wow! u got to be kidding me!! i actually landed on this blog via twitter...though i have known it for a while, only signed up two days ago and dont think i am going to be a huge fan of it...

rads said...

BTW I just read a RED HOT section in Chicago Red Eye regarding twitter. Seems like Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg are big fans of it too. Guess its a nice medium of advertising.

Pushkar said...

I 've got mixed feelings about twitter. Speed & reach are its real advantages. Though at times one cant help but think, there's far too much noise (read *mad rush & self promotion*) than the useful info.
Its use is a personal thing & much depends on how one thinks abt it & uses it. In my view its not a bad place to be in when u have some spare time.

varunshridhar said...

Twitter's slowly becoming like other social networking sites. Remember "Bad bad server. No donut for you." well, who asked for a donut anyways. But Twitter's sessions have been full as well. I've tried loggin in four times this morning and it showed the sleepy whale being carried by the blue bird image!

Frustrated and yet smiling! nice image though, better than the donut that was never shown.

Kadambari said...

There, Varun! Twitter chats end up in wrist pain anyway. And the big whale is all I saw when I signed in today. Obviously, with the entire world on twitter.. it's bound to happen.

Lol, Sagar! :P
And hey, I did study there. Do I know you??

TW and Koknad, good for you! I'm not able to write more than 140 characters, in a go. It's good you folks stick to blogging! That's way better.
And yea, Kokonad, I have never seen sooo much traffic on my blog..ever! That post did set everyone talking. :)

Really.. Rads! Yea, that's what it is. 'Coz no one would actually bother about what I'm doing. But commercializing is sure an easier thing on Twitter.

Anonymous, that's good then. But stay around.. you never know, you might like it. But if you are a blogger, you most likely wouldn't. :)

That's true Pushkar. Some spare time and a few tweets is all I can think of. Most of the times, I'm never doing any 'specific' tweetable thing!

Jarlin said...

I agree. But Blogging always eating out my time.

Ashish said...

Micro blogging is still at its early stages in India as most err 99% of them don't even know about twitter... and 99.99% don't even know that twitter is a micro blogging platform...

I also had similar feelings when I started on twitter but now I feel its fun

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

last time orkut hit me hard...I am not gonna allow twitter to do the same :P

joshidaniel said...

now the web is filled with social networking sites and the goodness is all are different and twitters 140 character limit is kind off cool!

Kadambari said...

Yup Jarlin. Blogging requires a lot of time and thought. Same for me.

You're true about the situation in the country as such, Ashish. That way, I don't think many folks even know what microblogging is.

Lol! Daydreamer. :)

The word limit is good, Daniel! Short little sentences and not much of crap. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep Up Your Good Work......I am regular reader of your blog...,make as many follower as you can to increase your page rank..

Monami said...

Recently got Tweeting. Am wondering how to put it on by Blog:-

BTW, you seem like a thinker and partly a poet.Is this true.Same here.That is why I would like you to please share some more of your poetry on teh blog.

Kadambari said...

Thanks Anonymous! I'm glad you like my blog! :)

Monami, Thanks! But, I'm no poet. :) I find it very difficult to string words together to make poetry. And here, check this site out for a live twitter stream for your blog.

In case you want a twitter button, you might like these,

sawan said...

some one is promoting tweety :P

Ishu said...

Ha ha.. I'm yet to get addicted to Twitter.. Btw, nice suggestion - I'm now following Twit Obituaries.. It's hilarious!!

agentgreenglass said...

gosh. i like twitter, and am still trying to get the hang of it. but jeez, it takes up waaay to much time. first there is the blog and now twitter.
yup, the wrist pain is on its way...i can see that!
that apart, i totally enjoyed reading your blog. and loved the post before this. i felt exactly the same when i read about "lets throw the english computers out!" right. let's just throw the guys who want to throw us back into the dark ages out.

Kadambari said...

Promoting! Naah.. Sawan. I think it becomes boring after a while. I got bored!

Ishu Great! Somehow you always remind me of your name's uniqueness. :)

Hey Agent, right there. Let's throw those guys out first! Or like one of my friends said, 'Make them take those quizzes on facebook, if they have so much time for nonsense.' :D

Parv Kaushik said...

th twitter has taken everyone by storm.. its the nxt big thing after blogging!!!! i am whr u weer intially.. i found it irritating and useless... may be wrong!

Vishal said...

well there r loads of people who love to express themselves in a 140 characters. Not all the peoples love blogging. I mean they can't do what regular blogger can. So for them Twitter is the best.

Kadambari said...

Parv, yea. You can like it or hate it.. but not ignore it.

That's true Vishal. Blogging needs time and lot of thought. Twitter sure a quick way out.


raghu said...

CHeck it out!is this your alter ego sumthin?

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Recently i read an article on twittering in Times of india... Was wondering what twittering is and yours is the first twitter blog i have been reading....Even i wish to have an account here, but i cant as i had a strong reason behind choosing
If that person happens to say good bye to me, i am gonna do something only then....

Thanks for letting us know about this spaces..if i get time, i will surely visit them..:)

kep writing..:)

Kadambari said...

Oye.. Raghu.. I have seen that one.. She commented on my blog once.. long back.. probably a year.. and yea.. she writes really well! Alter ego it seems. :P

And Mahesh, Twitter is not a blogging platform. You could have an account there anyway. It's microblogging.. More like.. your status messages.. what you are that instant. Do check it out. :)

P.S. I'm not paid for the publicity! Sigh!

et said...

Oh so u wer serious abt that syndrome thingy! Are u considering consulting a doc or wot??!

Hmm.. and high five to twitter chats! Lets see how many block! said...

I saw your profile. Nice blogs. Why dont u take part in blogger awards 2009?
Read the link below and nominate your blog. Please vote me also. After voting, comment on my blog and I assure my and my friends Votes for you

Mukund said...

Hey, new to your blog and my first comment,
I do not usse twitter as I am still pretty new at blogging. I guess I will give it a shot...
I have read some of your posts and they are very well written. I have been writing on similar topics myself...
looking at your archive I think that you started blogging a bit more frequently now....
Keep going

Kadambari said...

Hey ET.. yea.. It gets alright if I take breaks though!

Thank you for that.. I'd let you know about nominating my blog. :)

Mukund, thanks! Yea.. I was kinda very inconsistent earlier.. I'm keeping fortnightly reminders now!

Narain said...

Hmmm.. Would you be kind enough to mention the person who convinced and forced you to use twitter! :P

Kaddu said...

Hello once again Kadambari! :-D
It still feels funny contacting u btw... 'coz of the same first names! :-p LOL!

I just noticed u hvnt nominated ur blog for the bloggers choice awards 2009. U hv a very "funny" style of writing & I felt it would do really good in the humour catgory. Think abt it.

Was wondering abt this post... u started showing signs of CTS coz of typing out this over-140-character-post or coz of ur morning-to-night-tweets! ;-) :-p He he!

Do blog more often though. I just joined twitter but I'm more comfy with blogger.

Vyazz said...

Frankly I haven't a clue so as to how to use twitter. I jus made an account in it...but none of friends are there. Sooo....I wuz wat???
Though I know twitter is all the rage right now....I still haven't got it figured out. As far as microblogging is concerned....its a whole new phenomenon to me!!! a lot to figure out!!!

Kadambari said...

Shearr! I would add a PS Narain. :)

Hey.. Kaddu.. I thought I was too inconsistent for nominations. Anyway, thanks for the idea. And LOL about CTS.. I need to stop doing both.

Vyazz.. It's lame at times 'coz.. one would wonder 'Who cares.. Anyway'! But yea, never know.. you might like it.

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! I must say, I'm really finding it difficult to "twit", 'coz of my internal "filter system" I guess! What to write, what to censor...! Besides, 140 characters is too small a limit for me! I'm more like a "1000-word" person! :-p I rarely SMS too for that same reason! He he! :-D

Btw, agree with Vyazz, Micro-blogging is an entirely revolutionary concept! Start another blog on that concept if you must, but I hv a feeling it will become a rage within the next 2-3 years!

Oh and do vote for my blog, even if you won't nominate yours! I have submitted in the "Blogitzer" category, 'coz of the "1000-words" you see! :-p
My nomination link is


tikulicious said...

:) very interesting kads .. lol twit twit .. i loved your posts. read many of them but will come back again. I need to ask something. I need votes for my contest blog entry can we put it on indiblogger ? where?
you too vote please
click on my name and forward the link to all your friends. posting here as didn't know how to reach you. thanks sweetheart

Kadambari said...

Hey, I just voted for you blog! :)
And yea, I have got some friends who would rather call than message. I sometimes just run out of words! So, I'm not really complaining here.

Kadambari said...

Hey, Tikuli..
I suggest you post a new topic on the IndiBlogger Forum along with the link. And ask for readers to vote for you. It would be a great platform.
And my vote is on! :)

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