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When Sumit of Hues of Insanity fame, nominated me for the Blogger Friendship Award, I was all tempted to get on top of my table and blow kisses and shed glycerin  tears.  Phew, glad I didn't do that. I might not have got the stipend for this month. Anyway, so here's my list of blogger buddies who have made my blog what it is.. today! The list could go on but I guess am supposed to stop somewhere.

Kokonad - From his swanky name to his 2D's.
Narain - For his 'mushroom head' & 'compositions'.
Kruthika - 'Coz sometimes even our moods match, in spite of being miles apart.
TW - For her regular dose of musings.
Varun - For all the 'ice'.
Reva - Absolut  wit & humor.
Kartik - For serving 'curd rice' with lots of spice.
Kaddu - Well! People named 'Kadambari' are obviously great! Hi five!
Pushkar - For his blogging tips.
Samuel - Chai time twitter buddy. 
Vyazz - For his thought stirring writing.
Rads - For always being around.
Kinni - Partner in crime.
Tikuli - The cool mommy blogger.
Choco - For the 'cat'titude.
ET - The brain behind those adorable Zoozoos.

Now, each of could take this up and nominate your bunch of friends! Spread the love! 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! btw, mine was a 'melt'able entity huh! need to find something else! make a wish!

Sumit said...

Kaddu, thanks! And I normally don't believe in awards and stuff, but I think this one is awesome because it allows oneself to share some of one's favourite blogs with others, and spreads good, readable matter around. :)

TW said...

Awwww, Kaddu.. I am speechless!! This is soooo Sweeeet!!!!!!!!!

Good idea girl! nice way to spread the love

Anonymous said...

Awww...Thanks! (Sniff Sniff)

I am truly humbled. I never thought I would be here receiving this award for a 2nd time! This time I will like to take this opportunity to thank just one person, Kaddu for giving "Cattitude" the due recognition :)

Au revoir!

Kruthika said...

hehe...we are great ppl and hence we think alike...nothin surprising!! ;) :P
nways, thanx a bunch dude!!! :)))

msnarain said...

Heh.. Thanks! :)
I just realized that I'm gonna miss you once you move out of Chennai! :(

rads said...

Thanks Kadambari. That was sweet. I'm in to spread the love :)

KarSub said...



Dei inga vaada .. Amma-ku oru sood-a bhajji sollu!

Vyazz said...

Awww...thank you.....truly appreciate it!!!

rads said...

came in to see my award again... i got 2 today and oh! I cant take it anymore...hehe

mixedblessings89 said...

Congratulations :)
To you, and all the others as well!

Kokonad said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
This is definitely special! I greatly appreciate it!

Vishal said...

U OL ROCK.....!
Great Going.....!

Aquarius said...

Congrats u Guys :)

Kaddu said...

WOW! That's the first award I'm getting for my blog in all my 2.5 years of blogging! Thanks Kadambari! But say, I can pass this on to only new bloggers now, right? I mean I can't like "re-award" someone who's already got this? I guess I sound a bit confused - haven't really done this kinda thing before. Have been "tagged" once though... I guess this is similar to "tagging" haan?

Kadambari said...

Applause applause! :)
You're all most welcome. My pleasure! Keep writing!

Narain, you finally realized that!

Thanks for the 'treat', Kartik!

And Kaddu. This award can be given to anyone. Take your pick. It's just a way to let people know you enjoy their writing. No confusion! :)

Atul said...

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Pls do comment on my blog if u are interested.

MonAmi said...


Jarlin said...

Good work!!!

Pushkar said...

Thanks for this sweet surprise!!!

sawan said...

i am all tears. i dnt find my name here :(

hehe lol. congrats to ya dear :) and to all who got the award from ya :)

kinni said...

"Partner in Crime". Thanks mate! :) :P

lafemmereva said...

Thanks Kaddu!!! :) Im honored !

Kadambari said...

Pushkar, Kinni, Reva. :)

et said...

hey! ders been an award for me while i was away! And neva thought this award would end up coming my way again! :)

A googol thanks!

agent green glass said...

wheeeeeeeee. i've been out. and i just saw this. thank you so much. my glycerine tears are already rolling down my cheeks. but no, really, i'm secretly so pleased. muahs!

Narain said...

Yea. Better late than never.
Btw, when did you start calling me Narain?

Kadambari said...

ET, Agent. :)

Oh yea.. Mushroom. :D

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